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Is IVF abroad too much hassle?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Having fertility treatment anywhere is a hassle! No one wants to have fertility treatment do they?

I know first hand that if you are thinking about going abroad for private fertility treatment it can feel like just too much hassle, especially if this is something you have not done before, if you don’t understand the process, or are not a confident traveller.

Having fertility treatment is stressful enough, so why are people choosing to go abroad?

When I went abroad for my donor embryo treatment 5 years ago this was not something I had heard of other people doing, I mean of course they must have done, but the numbers of people now going abroad for treatment has increased dramatically.

Infertility affects millions of people globally and there are many reasons why people go abroad for treatment like IVF and egg donation. Things like being unhappy with the IVF clinics in their home country, cheaper fertility treatment, perhaps they are unable to have treatment in their own country due to accessibility issues, like age/bmi/LGBTQ+/single/person of colour and are looking abroad for more favourable legal frameworks and more liberal laws. They may need egg and or sperm donation and want the choice of anonymous or non anonymous donation that matches their skin colour, amongst other features and they want to avoid long waiting lists.

Also there are now many countries that provide fertility testing and treatment to patients from overseas and that are very well set up to do this through high quality services and great communication.

For some groups however it is more tricky - teachers for example. However, you can get everything prepared and ready to have treatment in the school holidays and this is perfectly possible.

If you have a pet then of course you need to find someone to look after them. For some this will be easy and for others not so much - something to consider. Many of my clients have pets and have used either the help of friends and family, or a kennels/cattery.

Going abroad for your treatment adds an extra element of planning and organisation for sure, I am not going to pretend it’s all plain sailing, because it’s not, wherever you have your treatment, home or abroad.

BUT if you do your homework, choose the right safe fertility clinic that best meets your needs and you are organised then there is no reason why it would be too much hassle for you to have IVF/Donor IVF and IUI abroad.

There are also other benefits to going abroad. You can take the opportunity to relax, away from the stresses and strains of home life. Do not underestimate the power of this.

If you need to take some work with you then with laptops and wifi there is no reason why in most cases you cannot take your work with you. The pandemic proved that.

You can explore another country or revisit one you love. When we had IVF abroad it was a really special time for us and as we were only at the clinic a handful of times it meant we could get out and about and explore the local sites and restaurants and focus solely on us and doing the things that light us up.

Also you can consider getting some help from a third party like myself to help you navigate choosing a fertility clinic and preparing practically and emotionally to have your treatment abroad.

And I believe the benefits can far outweigh any hassle.

To get a feel for the fertility treatment abroad process and to help you work out whether it could work for you I have a free short guide, which will help you to understand the step by step process to having fertility treatment abroad. It will help to remove some of the fear and overwhelm and work out whether it could be right for you.

Click the link below and you can grab your free guide today:

Love Emma Haslam

Co-founder Your IVF abroad


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