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Your IVF abroad Planner and Journal - £19.99

This handy A5 planner/journal is perfect for those considering fertility testing and treatment abroad like IVF, IUI, Donor Conception and Egg Freezing and who want a place to keep their thoughts and plans organised. 


There's a lot to remember, but you can rest assured you’re in safe hands with this, designed by someone who's not only been through IVF abroad but helped hundreds of others go through the process too! It’s what I needed and did not exist.


The planner includes a 3-month dateless calendar and sections to hold your clinic details,  notes, treatment protocol and other useful and important information.


YIVFA planner.jpg

You can easily track your costs, reference your treatment plan and notes, track key dates, and plan your questions for consultation - plus there's a handy medication checklist section to help you keep on top of everything!

There's a glossary of terms including a rundown of all the common fertility treatment acronyms and abbreviations, so you'll always know what's happening and can feel in control of your journey.


Plus, to take the stress out of going abroad, there's also a pre-travel checklist and a place to note anything you'd like to do or see at your destination to help you get the most out of your time away.


Finally, there are some 2-week-wait survival tips and a journaling section to help support your thoughts and feelings along the way!

Stay organised, calm and in control by ordering your copy now and start planning YOUR fertility journey abroad! 


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Emma recommends...

Big Fat Negative: The Essential Guide to Infertility, IVF and the Trials of Trying for a Baby 

Emma has been interviewed and featured in the Big Fat Negative book.

Big Fat Negative is an extension of the podcast that has already supported so many through the trials of infertility. It includes advice on managing work and maintaining your friendships while trying for a baby, as well as everything on the practical side of trying to conceive: getting a diagnosis, male-factor infertility, organising and going through fertility treatment and how to navigate a pregnancy loss.

This no-nonsense, honest and relatable guide to infertility smashes the taboo around this isolating and heartbreaking illness, offering first-hand experience, an understanding voice when friends don't get it, expert advice, reassurance for when you feel alone and, most importantly, humour when it you need it the most.

Big Fat Negative will hold your hand on the not-so simple journey to motherhood - helping you to face and defeat the trials of trying for a baby.

BFN book.jpg

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