"I have known Emma for several years since she joined the Children and Families Services team I led as a Family Outreach Worker. Since then I have had the pleasure of getting to know Emma personally and professionally. I have also had the opportunity of getting to know her husband Adam and more recently her gorgeous little boy Albie. I was delighted when Emma told me about her business venture as I couldn’t think of a more perfect use of her experiences, her skills, knowledge and personality.

As an employee Emma has always demonstrated a real commitment to any task and an attention to detail. Emma is thorough and exacting; ensuring she had a really comprehensive understanding of the task in hand before then getting “stuck in” She isn’t someone who rushes in to situations but rather will do her research, read around the topic and then put this into action. These skills will serve her very well in providing a professional service within “Your IVF abroad”.

In her role with Children’s Services Emma is routinely having to quickly build trusting working relationships with children, young people and their parents; some of whom may have anxieties about using the service in the first place. This isn’t a skill a person can learn; Emma has a genuine care and concern for people which enables this to happen. She listens to them and ensures she knows what they want and need from the service and that she is on their side.

Both Emma and Adam are such kind people. As one of their friends nothing is too much and they are approachable and supportive. Both have quietly and without fuss helped me out personally when I’ve needed a hand. They are the kind of people who really care about other people and demonstrate empathy and understanding to those around them. I am delighted they have embarked on this venture together; they are the perfect people to support others on their journey with an equal mix of professionalism and compassion."

Caroline Porter, Foxstones Training and Learning

"After discovering the prices of IVF treatment in the UK, we decided to seek out alternative options, which led us to find Your IVF abroad. From the start Emma and Adam provided us with a wealth of knowledge and helped us navigate the many, many clinics and countries that offer IVF. We trusted their suggestions and ended up finding our clinic of choice and hope to start treatment later this year. Without their help we wouldn't have got to where we are now, quite so quickly and painlessly. Thank you both."

Victoria and David


"We are so grateful to Your IVF abroad for helping us to achieve our dream. Their first hand experience, friendly advice and guidance was an absolute godsend and we wouldn’t have been able to navigate our way through the intricacies of fertility treatment abroad without them.

We were shown some of the most reputable clinics in Europe, which helped us in choosing the right clinic for us. We were supported emotionally and practically throughout our journey from organising medication to travel arrangements and sightseeing. 

If it wasn’t for Your IVF abroad we’d not have our 'Squashy Joshi' here today. I'm so thankful to Emma and Adam for taking the stress out of the process, saving us time and money and helping us to start our family! We can't thank you enough."

Soneeta and Gavin, UK

"Trustworthy, approachable & all round amazing couple who know everything and anything to do with this process. Highly recommend anyone who is considering starting this process to let them lead the way!"

Claire Hargreaves

"Having had their own experiences of going through IVF, Emma and Adam really want to help give others the incredible gift of having a baby as gorgeous as theirs. 


Your IVF abroad takes the stresses and strains out of a difficult experience and they provide you with practical and emotional support throughout, organising everything for you. Their service and partner clinics give excellent care whilst making it affordable, accessible and so much cheaper than in the UK.


As a couple they found the prospect of treatment abroad scary, so they felt having someone to hold their hands and expertly guide them through the process was something they would have loved. Therefore they've decided to fill that gap by offering a totally independent service, matching clients to the right clinic for them.


It’s such a sensitive subject and especially as a Midwife/Health Visitor I wouldn’t recommend their services without 100% faith that they are genuine, lovely and just the kind of people you would want by your side when going through this."

Lisa Finnett, Health Visitor & Midwife, UK

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