"Adam and Emma are everything you need to go through IVF. 

When my husband and I realised that we would continue our IVF journey abroad, we knew we would recruit outside help, but thought we would do one cycle with them until we knew what we were doing. However, their help and support was so invaluable we could never imagine going alone without them, nor want too. We made the decision to proceed with donor IVF, in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and when the situation and rules were changing daily. The only reason we decided to go for it was because we knew we had Emma's support. We knew we would be alright not matter what, because we had Emma. If you want someone to fight for you she will. If you need someone to get things sorted for you, she will. If you need support she is there. When you don't know who and where to turn to she will get you to where you need to be. They have been there themselves and they just get it. Working with them has been the best decision we have made on our trying to conceive journey and we are now pregnant! Your IVF abroad is worth it's wait in gold. I CANNOT recommend them highly enough.

Claire and Tom, UK


"Emma is one of life's good ones. Genuine, honest and brilliant at what she does. The support you get working with Your IVF abroad is priceless. On top of the amazing service they give you they save you money off treatment and medication and take no commission from clinics, so you know they are truly on your side. Emma's knowledge is vast and nothing is too much trouble, ever.  Communication is prompt and she put me at ease straight away. Emma really cares about her clients and because she has been where I have been she instinctively knew what I needed from her at all times and always over delivered. I can't thank her enough. Without her we would not have found the ideal clinic, who actually said we might not need IVF and now after a procedure are now trying naturally. If we are not successful then we will not hesitate to return to Emma to work with her on the treatment service as it is worth every penny. Do not underestimate how much support like this will help you and your stress levels on this journey. Emma and Russ, UK.

"Emma has been such a great support, from the minute I first met her virtually via a free consultation she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Emma was very patient with us and took into consideration the many requirements we had and matched us to the perfect clinic for us. Emma carrying out the research on our behalf as such a great help and relieved so much pressure from me. Researching clinics abroad can be so overwhelming, but Emma took this out of our hands and made this stage of the journey stress free and enjoyable. We can't thank her enough." Tia and Lee Brown, UK.

"After doing some basic research on IVF treatment abroad we found it very difficult to know where to start. It was like navigating an overwhelming minefield of information that didn't make any sense. I discovered Emma on Instagram @yourivfabroad and instantly felt the desire to get in touch. Right away I felt very comfortable chatting to Emma and sharing stories which put me at ease at a time where everything felt like a constant worry. The information we received was not only trustworthy, reliable and fully informative, but personal in a way we have never experienced before. There is no doubt that Emma and Adam's experiences are hugely impactful and influence how they approach their business and we are very thankful they were there for us, we would have been completely lost without them. A professional and stress free approach to finding the best IVF clinic to support your personal needs, done with such care and efficiency that cannot be faulted. I feel like I have known Emma for years and cannot imagine how we would have made it to this point without her help. Gillian and Dominic, UK.

"After discovering the prices of IVF treatment in the UK, we decided to seek out alternative options, which led us to find Your IVF abroad. From the start Emma and Adam provided us with a wealth of knowledge and helped us navigate the many, many clinics and countries that offer IVF. We trusted their suggestions and ended up finding our clinic of choice and hope to start treatment later this year. Without their help we wouldn't have got to where we are now, quite so quickly and painlessly. Thank you both."Victoria and David, UK.

"We are so grateful to Your IVF abroad for helping us to achieve our dream. Their first hand experience, friendly advice and guidance was an absolute godsend and we wouldn’t have been able to navigate our way through the intricacies of fertility treatment abroad without them. We were shown some of the most reputable clinics in Europe, which helped us in choosing the right clinic for us. We were supported emotionally and practically throughout our journey from organising medication to travel arrangements and sightseeing. If it wasn’t for Your IVF abroad we’d not have our 'Squashy Joshi' here today. I'm so thankful to Emma and Adam for taking the stress out of the process, saving us time and money and helping us to start our family! We can't thank you enough."Soneeta and Gavin, UK.