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Fertility Pharmacy Introduction

Looking for a reliable source to get your fertility medication and supplements quickly, easily and at competitive prices?

At Your IVF abroad, we strive to make fertility treatment more affordable and accessible.

We offer an introduction to a trusted and fully registered specialist pharmacy who has over 25 years of experience and a reputation for high levels of customer service.

How does it work?

1. Ensure you have read and are happy with all the 'Important Information' in the section below.

Important Information:

  • No Support: Please note that Your IVF abroad does not provide any support beyond making this introduction. This is solely an introductory service to a pharmacist who may be able to provide you with a quote to fulfil and deliver your prescription(s).

  • No Additional Fees: Should you place an order with the pharmacy, Your IVF abroad will receive a small commission. You will not be charged any additional fees by the pharmacist, or pay more by ordering in this way; in fact it ensures you get the best price available. 

  • By making contact with the pharmacist you consent to the following:

    • I understand that Your IVF abroad (YIVFA) will only store and share my contact details to introduce me to the pharmacist.

    • I consent to the Pharmacist contacting me directly by email/phone to provide a no-obligation quote.

    • I understand that if I choose to place an order through the Pharmacist, YIVFA will receive a small commission.

    • I understand this is an introductory service only and that YIVFA does not accept any liability for introducing me to the Pharmacy or for any orders I choose to place with them.

    • I understand that all contact/support will be directly with the pharmacy and not YIVFA. YIVFA cannot provide any advice, or support and is solely making an introduction to a service that might be suitable for your needs. 

2. Click the 'Contact Pharmacy' button below to send a message directly to the pharmacy. You must include the following information in your message:

  • Quote “Your IVF abroad” to secure the best price

  • Your prescriptions

  • Your Name

  • Your contact number (mobile phone)

  • Your preferred contact method – email, WhatsApp or either (please note responses may be quicker via WhatsApp)

3. After receiving your message, the pharmacist will contact you directly to provide a no-obligation quote within 3 working days (excluding weekends and bank holidays). If you have not had a response after this timeframe please contact the pharmacy directly via the 'Contact Pharmacy' button below to follow up.


4. If you choose to proceed, you will make payment directly to the pharmacy via a secure web link.


5. Your order is fulfilled by the pharmacy and medications and supplements are dispatched quickly, delivered securely by a courier using temperature-controlled conditions where needed. Delivery timeframes depend on stock availability and the country in which you live – the pharmacy will be able to advise on this, and you will be provided with a tracking link so that you can track your delivery and delivery date and the pharmacist will also deal with any queries you have throughout the process.

Please note that Your IVF abroad does not provide any advice or support as part of making this introduction to a Pharmacist and YIVFA does not act as an intermediary between you and the Pharmacist should you choose to place an order. 

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