Our journey

An unexpected turn of events, an accidental ‘Reply all’ message and lots of embarrassment I met my now husband, Adam. Even after two dates, I knew he was a keeper! 


Within days I left to travel the world and when Adam’s father sadly passed away, he decided to join me. After an amazing trip we returned home, I began my career working with Children and Families, we became engaged, were soon married and ready to start a family. Life could not have been better.

We tried EVERYTHING, but pregnancy eluded us. We decided to get ourselves checked out. Despite being in my early thirties I was Perimenopausal and Adam had a low sperm count and motility issues. It was an unexpected, double blow.

Following numerous tests on the NHS we were told that our only chance of conception would be via IVF. We were also told that there was only a 5% chance it would work and in addition with a BMI over 35 we were not eligible to have the treatment on the NHS. Another blow. 

After some research it quickly became clear that the cost of private treatment in the UK was beyond our financial means. We were devastated. Devastated and exhausted after five years of trying. Then hope. After researching the best fertility treatment abroad we discovered a clinic in Prague. This top fertility clinic had excellent results, years of experience and to our amazement there was no waiting list!

After completing all the necessary paperwork and gathering the tests required, we had a Skype consultation with one of the Doctors from the clinic. It was a relief to discover that not only was his English excellent, he also listened, was empathetic and honest whilst presenting a range of options and answering all of our many questions patiently. It was a breath of fresh air.

From there things changed gear quickly. After agreeing that using our own egg and sperm would only give us a 5% chance, we discussed the option of using donor embryos. It was a huge decision. However, after comprehensive information and reassurance from the doctor about donor screening and anonymity we were ready. Donor embryos would increase our chances of a pregnancy to 65% and we worked with the clinic to choose donors who looked like us and matched our preferences. It was more than we had dared to hope for.

After our third cycle of donor IVF we welcomed our beautiful baby boy in August 2018. It was incredible to think that our three cycles, including flights, accommodation and medication cost the same as one cycle of IVF in the UK.  

It was a stressful and emotionally charged time, so organising everything for our treatment abroad added unnecessary pressure.  We often talked about how amazing it would have been to have someone who genuinely understood, with first-hand, personal experience to organise it all and support us throughout the process and to help us find the right clinic for us. The seed was sown and it wasn’t long before Your IVF abroad, was born.

Since 2015 Emma Haslam has become the expert in IVF abroad, by immersing herself in everything related and using her knowledge and experiences to help lots of people start and expand their families. Aiming to change the narrrative Emma has become an advocate, speaker, campaigner and writer for the infertility community.and on donor conception. By offering impartial non medical information and advice people can make informed decisions and by being truly 100% independent and not taking commission from clinics Emma always has her clients best interests at heart.

Emma features as the resident guest expert for fertility treatment abroad for The Fertility Circle and The Enhanced Fertility apps, has written blog post and been interviewed on podcasts, such as the Big Fat Negative and The Worst Girl Gang Ever and has been featured in the Big Fat Negative's book 'The essential guide to infertility, IVF and the trials of trying for a baby, as the resident IVF abroad expert. Emma does not believe in a cookie cutter approach and believes that matching people the the best fit clinic for their circumstances is what contributes to such high success rates. Emma also believes people are entitled to unbiased, factual information, without judgement in order to make informed decisions and that fertility treatment should be more transparent, affordable, accessible and supported.

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