Frequently asked questions

Why did you set up Your IVF abroad?

To make fertility treatment more affordable, accessible and supported and it’s what we wished we had had when were going through fertility treatment abroad

Is it really cheaper than the UK when you include your fees, travel and accommodation?

Yes. Most people including everything can have two rounds of treatment abroad vs one in the UK including everything. An average round of IVF with ICSI in the UK is £10k. IVF with ICSI abroad starts from £2200.

How long do I need to be abroad for my treatment?

2 - 10 days on average

Are success rates abroad higher?

Yes, considerably

My BMI is lower/higher than the range set by the NHS can you help me?


I am single can you still help me?


I am looking for ethical, safe, egg/sperm donation and don’t know where to start can you help me?


Do you offer anonymous and known donation options?


I am in a same sex female relationship can you help me?


Can I get a sick note from my GP to cover time off for fertility treatment?


I need help with getting tests such as ultrasounds and bloodwork in the UK can you help me?


I need help with travel, accommodation and services like acupuncture can you help?


I need help with some fertility testing abroad can you help me?


I need surrogacy, can you help me?

I am sorry we are unable to help you with this

Do you take commission from clinics?

No and we never will. Instead we offer any commission to our clients as a discount off treatment saving them from £200 - £1300

Are you independently run?

Yes we are and means we can work with the best clinics for our clients

Is it always safe to have fertility treatment abroad?

No. However, it is if you go to a registered and regulated clinic in particular countries, which is something we ensure, so you don’t need to worry

If I become pregnant can I then receive treatment on the NHS?

Yes - and we help with this transition

Have you helped people become pregnant and have babies?


Can you help with sourcing medication and specialist insurance?

Yes and at the best prices

Do you help with navigating Covid-19 travel arrangements?

Yes and we have had people travel at the height of the pandemic

Are the clinics you work with Covid-19 safe?

Yes, there are no more risks to your vs a UK clinic

Are there any waiting times for treatment?


What types of fertility treatment do you support with?

Fertility testing, male factor infertility, female factor infertility, IVF (ICSI), IUI, donor conception - donor egg, donor sperm, donor embryo, anonymous and known donation

I’m not in the UK can you still help?

Yes and we have had clients from all over the world

Is your service confidential?

Yes absolutely

Do you give medical advice?

No, we are not qualified to do so. We give you evidence, facts and support so you can make informed decisions that are right for you and put you in touch with the best medical professionals for your needs and desires

Where are the clinics you work with based?

In Europe

What makes your different from other companies?

Firstly we have been where you are and our clients mean a lot to us. We are the only reproductive agency in the UK (and maybe even Europe) who doesn’t take commission from clinics, allowing us to remain completely impartial on the side of our clients at all times

Can you promise I will get pregnant?

No, sadly no one can do that. However, we do promise to find you a world class, safe clinic that best meets your medical needs and desires and where you will be treated like an individual and not a number. We also promise to provide a clinic that has high success rates to give you the best chance of having a baby

I have found my own clinic can you still support me practically through treatment?