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My Services

Ready to grow your family by exploring fertility testing and treatment abroad?

Want to stop frantically googling and understand all your options?

You’re in the right place!

Based in the UK, Your IVF abroad facilitates quality, affordable fertility treatment abroad, supporting people worldwide to access the best private, safe and ethical IVF fertility clinics in Europe.

Putting you in control and giving you the best chance of growing your family, with no regrets.

My mission is simple: To make fertility testing and treatment globally more transparent, affordable, accessible, safe, ethical and supported for more people. I use my own experience of IVF abroad, my extensive research into the process, and my experience of helping 100s of others to make a daunting process feel a little easier and grow their families and I can help you in different ways.

I’ve been through this process myself, so I understand exactly how challenging IVF treatment can be, and my aim is to be your guide through each step of your journey with honesty, empathy, care and no judgement; so you never have to feel confused, lost or alone. I’ve also spent the last six years working with 100s of people and couples on their journeys and extensively researching and building relationships with clinics in Europe, to ensure the advice and support I offer my clients is of the highest standard.

My Signature System

Using my signature system, my range of services includes:

helping you find a fertility clinic abroad

how to prepare practically and emotionally for testing and/or treatment.

with access to my little black book of UK contacts for things like getting your fertility medication, ultrasounds and blood work.

Whatever your budget, there’s a way to get my independent and impartial support when you need it most and wherever you are on your journey with fertility treatment abroad I’m here to help you. 

I know that when it comes to your fertility testing and treatment, you just want your best possible chance of success, with honesty and compassion, in a safe and supported way that won’t cost the earth and without waiting any longer. I don’t think this should be too much to ask and believe everyone deserves access to this.

Below I will help you to understand the different ways in which I can help you, based on your circumstances.


My 1:1 Services

All the practical and emotional support you need to go from anxious and confused about fertility treatment abroad to confident, calm and in control. 

My services give you back control of your fertility journey and are your best chance of success with no regrets and support from someone who has been where you are.

If you’re looking for my comprehensive, personalised support and advice on your fertility treatment abroad journey, my 1:1 services are likely to be the best fit for your needs, and include :

  • 1:1 Clinic Match service

  • 1:1 Treatment Service

  • 1:1 Clinic Match & Treatment Package

IVF Spain/Prague/Czech Republic/Portugal

all available with or without donor information and support.

Whether you’re looking for help finding the perfect clinic, donor match information and support, support during the treatment process or everything from start to finish, when we work together 1:1, I’ll be on hand with information and impartial non-medical advice throughout your journey. I pride myself on how I care for my clients and knowing what they need instinctively, as I designed these services based on what I didn’t have and so desperately needed!

FYI, around 85% of the clinics offer my clients a discount when I refer them, so you’ll not only have all the hand-holding, experience and answers you need along the way; but you could also save more money.

Click here to explore my 1:1 Services in more detail and find out how I can support you on your IVF abroad journey, from £997.

DIY Toolkit Course

This is for you if you want to find your own fertility clinic in Europe and manage your own treatment preparation and journey. Ideal for those who want to understand the process, what you need to do and look out for and how to do things safely, but don’t feel you need a comprehensive support package.  

The DIY option is perfect if you are budget conscious or unsure if you want to go abroad for your IVF treatment yet. Or you are working to a smaller budget OR if you’re not sure yet if you want to go abroad and want to learn more. This toolkit will give you everything you need to know about fertility treatment in Europe and how to make it happen, step by step, should you choose to do so.


It has always been my mission to make fertility testing and treatment globally more transparent, affordable, accessible, safe, ethical and supported for more people and this toolkit is my way of ensuring that everyone has access to the information, tools and non-medical advice they need to do things safely, to make informed decisions that are right for them and to give themselves the best possible chance of success with IVF and fertility treatment abroad in Europe.


If you purchase The DIY Toolkit Course, you will receive:

a set of 5 pre-recorded workshops that you can work through at your own pace

a step-by-step guide through the process of seeking fertility testing, treatment and IVF abroad

all the important information you need to find a clinic and have treatment abroad and putting you in control and giving you what you need to make informed decisions about your fertility treatment.

with access to my little black book of UK contacts for things like getting your fertility medication, ultrasounds and blood work.

Click here to explore the DIY toolkit course available for just £397**

**instant and lifetime access for as long as the course is running.

Pick My Brain Call

This is for you if you have a bunch of non-medical questions that you’d like answered about having fertility treatment in Europe, or if you’ve started the process and are feeling a bit stuck.

A 30 minute ‘Pick My Brain’ Call with me is the perfect fit if you’ve got non-medical questions you’d like answered about having fertility treatment in Europe by someone who has been there and done it herself (and with others too) and so understands the process inside out, or if you’ve started the process of having treatment abroad and are feeling stuck and need help now!

IVF mentor

Questions you might have: 


  • Understanding how the process of fertility treatment abroad works

  • How to access fertility testing

  • How to organise ultrasounds and blood work in your home country

  • Suggested questions to ask at the consultation

  • Understanding more having fertility testing and treatment abroad

  • Anonymous and non-anonymous donor conception options

  • Safety and laws in different countries in Europe

  • Which countries you can have treatment depending on your circumstances

  • Understanding clinic communication

  • Coming up with a plan if you are feeling confused, or stuck!

We’ll jump on a Zoom call together and you can pick my brains about any non-medical elements of the IVF abroad process and leave feeling unstuck, with clarity and a plan to keep you moving forward.

Click here for more information on booking your 30 minute Pick My Brain Call for just £97.

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