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 Fertility treatment abroad

Fertility clinics

Fertility clinics

You can use a clinic of your choice and have my support throughout your treatment with my Treatment Service, or you can use my Clinic Match service to find your perfect treatment facility, or you can opt for my most popular and comprehensive support with The Clinic Match and Treatment Service Package.


I support people worldwide and can help you to find safe and ethical clinics across Europe that get high success rates for IUI, own egg IVF, Donor Egg, Donor Sperm, Donor Embryo and Embryo adoption treatment.


The IVF clinic my husband and I used in Prague, Czech Republic, has some of the lowest fees for IVF abroad in Europe for own egg/sperm IVF, donor egg, donor sperm, IUI and donor embryo treatment. It’s one of Europe's best, most affordable IVF clinics abroad, with excellent success rates and first-class care. I know because I used it to great success myself!

However, many other world-class clinics in Europe offer competitive prices, excellent success rates, different specialisms and safe, ethical and high-quality care. I’ve spent over six years researching and forming partnerships with clinics - and continue to do so, to provide you with the best fit clinic to meet your needs, medically and personally in a destination to suit.


There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the right clinic or destination for fertility treatment; I nurture ongoing relationships with multiple clinics to ensure standards are maintained and my clients receive the best possible care and success.


My company is 100% independent and takes no commission from fertility clinics. In this sense it’s unique in the UK, so you can be sure I have your best interests at heart. Having been through fertility treatment abroad myself, I can anticipate your needs, questions and challenges, and support you as and when they arise. IVF treatment abroad can be an anxiety-inducing experience, however, I can testify that all the IVF clinics I recommend are outstanding. They are registered and regulated, speak good English, and have excellent patient feedback.


With my time, support, communication and knowledge, I’ll help you make things hassle-free for you. Believe me – I know how much stress, time, and energy this will save you and how much easier it will make communicating and understanding the clinic's instructions. I know first-hand how to plan and prepare for treatment, so you’ll have all the practical knowledge you need from someone who’s been where you are! In addition, I can help you to save more money along the way and reduce feelings of overwhelm.


Understanding the intricacies of having fertility treatment abroad including time differences, opening hours, and email-only contact from the busy staff at the clinics. I understand what needs to be organised and how in your home country to prepare for clinic consultations and treatment I know how essential my services are. Unfortunately, when I went through IVF abroad, I didn’t have support, so it’s my pleasure to provide it for you and offer lots of different options, depending on your preferences and budget. There are no guarantees with fertility, so my goal is that you feel in control of your journey at all times and have enough support and information to be confident you made the right choices, with no regrets, whatever the outcome.

Why work with the clinics I recommend?

There are so many reasons why you should consider going abroad to Europe for your treatment with Your IVF abroad:


Cheaper - Treatment like for like vs the UK, America, Canada. Australia and other countries are always more affordable, including flights, accommodation, medication and my fees. In many cases, people can have two rounds of treatment if needed for the same price as one at home.


To regain control of your fertility journey and get some answers and clarification, give yourself the best chance to expand your family, with no regrets whatever the outcome?


More accessible testing and fertility treatment - with flexibility on BMI and age, treatment for single people and same-sex couples. (female).


World-class, safe, ethical and regulated clinics have a variety of specialisms in destinations to suit your needs and preferences.


The great success rates and no more waiting lists mean you can give yourself the best possible chance of success without the anxiety and stress of waiting for someone to provide you with the green light.

State-of-the-art equipment, advanced technology, techniques and treatments provide a wide range of fertility treatment options and superb, personalised, honest and compassionate medical care. 


Innovative testing and treatments are available to give you clarity and control over your journey.


Any commission available to me from the clinics will be given to you as a discount on your treatment, saving you between £200-£700 vs going direct.


Relax and see the sights in another country, away from the stress of home and work.

Donor IVF guarantees are available. If no pregnancy is achieved by your 2nd cycle, then some of my partner clinics will offer the 3rd cycle free or guarantee a number of high-quality embryos for your reassurance.


Highly experienced physicians and superb medical care, so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands.


Great communication and good spoken and written English at all the clinics I recommend, ensuring you’ll feel listened to, accepted and supported with honesty, compassion, and zero judgement.

Accreditation and patient protection

All the clinics I suggest are registered and regulated in their own country and offer their own accreditation, strict standards of care, ethical practice and patient protection.


The clinics I recommend are all located within the EU, which means treatment conforms to strict standards of care, as outlined in EU legislation, ensuring they follow all statutory and regulatory requirements. 


The guidelines and standards of every clinic involved will also meet the European Convention (EC) requirements on Human Rights and all other EC Directives.

For those who need donor conception please be assured that in the clinics and countries I work with, donor welfare and your safety is paramount. All donors are recruited ethically and thoroughly, they are health screened and are not paid for their donations, making this a selfless act. Donors also have a cap on the number of times they can donate. There are also options to have either anonymous or non-anonymous, open-ID egg and sperm donation, and I will help you understand your options and considerations.


Many of the clinics I work with are also accredited by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) for going above and beyond.


Your health, safety and security are fully safeguarded under European law, so you're in good hands. I work in confidence with strict standards of care and patient protection with my clients. As a result, your IVF treatment is safe and secure.

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