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Your IVF abroad Toolkit

From confusion, fear and overwhelm to confidence, clarity and empowerment around having fertility treatment abroad.

All the tools you need to understand the process, find your ideal safe fertility clinic and have treatment in Europe.

A step by step course for people globally on their fertility treatment journey who want to fully understand the process, know the steps it takes and feel confident about doing it themselves.

You will be in control and feel confident to pursue treatment in Europe, without anxiety or fear, even on a budget.

This self-paced course will:

Help you to find YOUR best fit, world class, safe clinic, in the right destination.

Give you all the tools and support that you need to understand and have fertility treatment abroad.

Reduce the impact of overwhelm, waiting lists and barriers to treatment.

A Your IVF abroad baby
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Meeting with Emma was so helpful. She genuinely understands the difficulties both practically and emotionally of going through IVF and offered wonderful advice and guidance to help me figure out if having treatment abroad is right for us, and if so, what we need to do next. I left feeling armed with the knowledge I needed to feel confident in taking the next steps towards finding a clinic abroad that fits for us - taking into account our history and specialist areas we need, our hopes, our fears (covid and regulations being a big one for me!). Thank you again Emma x

Gemma B

Save over £1000 compared to my 1:1 Clinic Match and Treatment Support Package - with DIY access to the signature system I use with my 1:2:1 clients and the tools and information you need to understand the process and to find your best-fit clinic and have safe fertility treatment abroad.

My Risk-Free Guarantee:

If after watching all 5 workshop videos in full, you still don't feel confident seeking fertility treatment in Europe using this course, you can use the investment of this course as a credit to redeem against my 121 services (excluding Pick My Brain Call).

Looking to learn more and interested in growing your family and exploring fertility treatment in Europe?

Tell me if this sounds familiar…

Perhaps you’ve been turned down for state-funded or NHS fertility treatment at home, and have been outraged by the cost of private IVF treatment domestically, so you’re looking to explore what other options are available to you elsewhere.

You are sick of feeling like a number and want personalised, transparent and compassionate care.

Maybe you’ve sought private fertility treatment at home but have been constantly disappointed with the level of customer service and care. The waiting lists are too long, and it’s almost impossible to get a clear answer about costs.

A Your IVF abroad family

Or you may have experienced discrimination in your search for fertility treatment due to BMI, age, marital status, disability or sexuality.

Sick of waiting for the permission of others and feeling anxious about the time ticking by, you’re ready to take back control of extending your family, with no regrets, whatever the outcome.

Perhaps you’ve started to explore the possibility of IVF or other fertility testing and treatment abroad in Europe, only to find yourself confronted with a mountain of information, with no idea which sources you can trust to be impartial and objective or where to start.

What if I told you there was a simpler way?

A shortcut that gives you all the non-medical information, advice and tools, step by step, that you need to source your own world-class, safe fertility treatment in Europe with good success rates and no waitlists.

A Your IVF abroad baby

To help you decide if going abroad for fertility treatment is right for you if you are still unsure and if/when you are ready understand precisely how the process works, so there are no surprises. 


To understand your options without spending excess time and money on consultations, frantic Google searches, or dealing with biased, commission-driven reproductive agencies.


To learn first-hand from someone who has successfully had IVF abroad, helped 100s of others to expand their families globally and become the UK’s go-to leading expert on fertility treatment in Europe, but without the price tag of 1:2:1 support and with instant availability.

Would you like access to transparent and impartial non-medical advice that lets you control your fertility journey and make informed decisions about your treatment, future, and family?

Putting you in control of your fertility treatment

My mission here at Your IVF abroad is to make fertility testing and treatment globally more transparent, affordable, accessible, safe, ethical and supported for more people.

Emma Haslam, Your IVF abroad

Whilst I love supporting my clients on a 1:1 basis to start or grow their families, I understand that working with me 1:1 isn’t financially viable for everyone. I’m also limited in terms of the number of 1:1 clients I can take on at one time. 

Not every client will need 1:1 support or has the budget, but I firmly believe you need experienced guidance and impartial advice to make an informed decision, find the right clinic, prepare practically and emotionally for treatment and do things safely. I know first-hand how scary and stressful it felt to go it alone, and I want you to know that it doesn’t need to be this way for you.

That’s why I created the Your IVF abroad Toolkit Course. You will get instant access to five pre-recorded modules designed to give you all the information you need to seek fertility treatment like IVF in Europe without stress, overwhelm or anxiety.

Putting you in control of your fertility journey, wherever it takes you and with no regrets. I’ve done the hard work, so you don’t have to!

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My wife and I found the prospect of IVF a daunting one in our home country, let alone abroad, so were delighted and relieved to find Emma and Your IVF Abroad. We took the Your IVF abroad Toolkit course and workshops, which was full of interesting and relevant information, laid out in a way which seemed logical and easy to follow. Explaining every step and scenario we might come across along our IVF journey and arming us with the information and tools we would need to help us along the way. 

Emma is an excellent guide and mentor and her knowledge and experience really inspired confidence. 

We are confident we now have the knowledge and support.

Jon and Sophie

Emma Haslam, Your IVF abroad

Who is Emma Haslam?

Emma Haslam is the go-to expert in fertility treatment in Europe and is co-founder of Your IVF abroad - the UK’s only independent reproductive agency that does not take commission from fertility clinics and that is run by Emma - a former successful IVF abroad patient.

Emma has made it her mission to change the narrative and to make fertility testing and treatment globally more transparent, affordable, accessible, safe, ethical and supported for more people. 

Independently helping people to make impartial, informed decisions that are right for them based on unbiased, accurate information, giving people some control back in the process of fertility treatment and the best possible chances of expanding their family, with no regrets and without wasting any more time.

As an advocate, speaker, podcaster, campaigner and writer for the infertility community, and on donor conception, Emma has established herself as the go-to expert in fertility treatment and IVF abroad, and following her own experience of infertility and treatment abroad, she is proud to have helped 100s of people globally to grow their families this way too.

Emma lives with husband Adam and son, Albie. During their down time, the Haslams enjoy family holidays, eating out and walking in the Yorkshire Dales. 

The Haslam Family
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"We have already done IVF in the UK, and wanted to understand what would be involved if we were to do IVF abroad. Emma's sessions were really well structured and full of great information and tips. She's completely demystified IVF abroad for us. We're considering our next steps but feel like we can make a really well informed decision now."

Penny and Mathew 

Your IVF abroad Toolkit

Whats included?

Five modules pre-recorded by Emma, which will be available to you instantly in our user-friendly learning portal, where you’ll be able to access the sessions and take things at your own pace.

You’ll learn Emma's signature 5-step system so you can:


Understand how fertility treatment abroad works.


If still unsure decide if it’s the right path for you.


Create a plan of the practical steps you’ll need to take and the know-how.


Find the ideal European fertility clinic for your needs, in the right destination.


Prepare for and have the treatment, understanding each step of the process.


Give yourself the best possible chance of success.

Emma Haslam, Your IVF abroad

You’ll get lifetime access to this course for as long as we continue to run it, so the Toolkit will be a resource you can come back and dip into as and when you need reassurance, information and guidance at each stage of your fertility journey. 

What’s covered in the DIY Toolkit course?

In the 5 module self-paced course Emma will be taking you through all the steps and stages that you need to find your ideal clinic and have fertility treatment abroad. 

We'll be covering:

Module 1

Fertility treatment in Europe: How the process works.

I (2)_edited.png

Understand how the process of having fertility treatment abroad works step by step.

You will also find out how to access the BONUS Little Black Book of Emma's UK contacts, who can assist you if needed at different points in your journey with planning and having fertility treatment abroad.

Module 2

How to find and choose the best European destination for you.

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Learn about the perks and pitfalls of various European destinations, so you can consider and decide where you’d like to go for your treatment and where you can have treatment based on your personal circumstances and safety.

Plus, find out what factors you should consider when making your decision so you can ensure you maximise your budget, save yourself time, and don’t experience any undue stress on your fertility journey abroad.

Module 3

How to find your best-fit clinic.

I (2)_edited.png

Understand the steps to finding your ideal, world-class clinic, including what regulations and safety elements to look for, so you can feel reassured you’re in safe hands.

Also, get help on how to best communicate with your clinic and how to prepare for your medical consultations, so that you can feel in control and confident you’ve made the right choice.

Module 4

The logistics and treatment (home and away)

I (2)_edited.png

Learn about how clinic liaisons at European clinics work, what they can offer, and how to maximise communication and support so you can feel confident, safe and informed about your treatment.

Understand your options and the best practice for sourcing medication, the ultrasound scans you’ll need, bloodwork and additional testing at home and abroad, including signposting to UK services, so you don’t face any surprises or unexpected costs as you go through your fertility treatment journey.

Get advice on travel and the logistics of having fertility treatment abroad, so you know what’s expected, what the costs are likely to be and what you’ll need to plan in advance.

Module 5

Managing the outcome and next steps.

I (2)_edited.png

Understand what happens if your fertility treatment is successful, so you can get clear on the steps to reintegrate into domestic or NHS healthcare services and understand the next steps with the clinic.


Alternatively, understand what happens if your fertility treatment abroad isn’t successful, including signposting to complementary services such as counselling so you can put plans in place to give yourself all the support you need, whatever happens.

Considering using a donor?

For those of you wanting to understand and explore donor conception we strongly recommend that you choose the option to add a 30 minute Pick My Brain video 121 call with Emma during checkout (additional charge applies).

That's not all...



Emma has put together a list of her UK contacts in her Little Black Book that can help you on your journey with having fertility treatment abroad at different stages.

Need to organise an ultrasound, have some blood work, or get your medication sorted? No problem, Emma has this covered for you 
(value - priceless)

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"When we were looking to change clinics and move abroad, my husband and I found it to be a minefield and felt like we were searching for a needle in a haystack. We hadn't had the best experience with clinics and wanted to be certain that the clinic we chose, and importantly the clinic we were handing thousands of pounds worth of savings to, was the right one, especially if going abroad. It was nerve wracking and we had no idea where to start. Emma was super helpful and attentive in listening to our needs and matching us with clinics that specialised in cases like ours. 

We had consultations with the clinics and were over the moon with them, and we know without a doubt we wouldn't have narrowed it down as easily without the help from Emma. I'd 100% recommend Your IVF abroad to anyone looking to travel overseas for treatment, it helped so much to put us at ease."

Amber Izzo

Emma's story

As well-travelled - and at this stage, desperate people, we started looking into IVF treatment abroad, but could find very little information anywhere.

How could we know who’s registered, regulated, ethical and safe?

The Haslam Family
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What clinics would be a good fit for us personally and medically?

question mark.png

How do the laws in another country differ and impact us?

question mark.png

Where can we have the treatment and how might things be different there?

question mark.png

Where should we avoid having treatment?

question mark.png

Would they speak good English? 

question mark.png
question mark.png
question mark.png

How does the process work?

What should we expect when we get there? 

What if something went wrong? 

Each question we frantically typed into google returned an overwhelming mix of sometimes conflicting and sometimes wrong information.

question mark.png

Could it really be cheaper?

question mark.png

And IS cheaper really a good thing when it comes to IVF?

So, we searched instead for someone who could help us navigate this unfamiliar and confusing situation. We were desperate for clarity and a plan. We needed help, but there was no help available: We were on our own.


It was overwhelming, and we were terrified we had little time to waste, frustrated to have spent two years frantically trying to jump through the NHS hoops, only to have the goalposts changed. But at the time, I needed something to throw my energy into, so we persevered. 


The more I researched, the better IVF abroad began to sound: The success rates were good, and the costs were a fraction of the UK clinics.


Our consultation experiences were worlds apart from the UK, with a clear and direct summary of the process, our chances and the costs, delivered with honesty and care. They also explained that double donation was our best option, and would significantly increase our chances of conceiving from 3-5% to 60%-70%; not an option the UK clinics even discussed with us!

We landed on using a clinic in the Czech Republic.


It was a short flight, and the cheaper end of the European fertility market, which meant we could afford three full rounds of donor IVF, including flights and accommodation, for the same price as one round in the UK. 


On average, it takes three rounds of IVF to successfully conceive, so we felt confident we were giving ourselves a better chance by going abroad.


We knew there was no guarantee IVF would work and we didn’t have an endless pot of money, so we wanted to give our money the best possible chance to work for us, with no regrets. I’m incredibly happy to share that it did work! And simply put there was no more money so if we had stayed in the UK for treatment we wouldn’t have our little boy now.

After our third cycle of donor IVF, we welcomed our beautiful baby boy in 2018.

The Haslam Family

I remember Adam saying to me:

"I really wish we had a fairy godmother of fertility treatment to have helped us with all our questions, so that we could make informed decisions.  There are so many questions that you don't even realise you're going to have when you set off on this journey, let alone where to go to get them answered and it makes everything feel much more overwhelming and scary, when it doesn't need to be."

YIVFA background.png

“Emma, you're the best. You are a Fairy Godmother to many of us”.


YIVFA background (1).png


"Emma, you are everything you need to go through IVF. 

When my husband and I realised that we would continue our IVF journey abroad, we knew we would recruit outside help, but thought we would do one cycle with them until we knew what we were doing. However, their help and support was so invaluable we could never imagine going alone without them, nor want too. We made the decision to proceed with donor IVF, in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and when the situation and rules were changing daily. The only reason we decided to go for it was because we knew we had Emma's support. We knew we would be alright no matter what, because we had Emma. If you want someone to fight for you she will. If you need someone to get things sorted for you, she will. If you need support she is there. When you don't know who and where to turn to she will get you to where you need to be. They have been there themselves and they just get it. Working with them has been the best decision we have made on our trying to conceive journey and we are now pregnant! Your IVF abroad is worth its weight in gold. I CANNOT recommend them highly enough”

Claire and Tom, UK

The Your IVF abroad Toolkit Course is for you if:

You have decided that fertility treatment in Europe is for you, but you’re on a budget and want to explore your options and understand the process and want to know how to give yourself the best chance of success and get the best value for your money while doing things safely. Emma also covers information on some of the most popular countries people are choosing to have treatment in Europe, including the less expensive end of the European IVF market.


You’re undecided whether fertility treatment in Europe is the right path for you, and you want all the information to make an informed decision without spending months googling.

You’re a confident traveller and happy to do your own legwork, but would prefer to have all the essential information up-front to feel confident you’re making safe and informed decisions.

You’re looking for a way to narrow down the overwhelming amount of conflicting information available online to save yourself time, money and anxiety at an already stressful time.

You want to learn from Emma the go-to IVF abroad expert who has been through it before herself and who has now helped 100s of people globally to start or grow their families.


I have outlined above what is included in the toolkit and who it is and is not suitable for. I have also put some FAQs with answers below.


Please make sure you read everything thoroughly to make sure this course is right for you. 

  • Will the course help me if I’m looking at surrogacy?
    Unfortunately not. Surrogacy is a much more complex process, and the rules and regulations are different everywhere in Europe, and it is not something I feel I know enough about to advise you on.
  • Does the course only cover fertility treatment in Europe?
    Yes, this is only right for you if you’re exploring fertility treatment in Europe, as my expertise and experience are in Europe. You can live anywhere in the world, and this programme will be beneficial to you as long as you are considering fertility treatment in Europe.
  • Will you be helping me personally select the right clinic?
    No, this programme is entirely DIY, so whilst you’ll get all the information you need to do your own research, explore your options, and make an informed decision on which clinic to use, the research and decision will ultimately be up to you, with my guidance on how you can find a safe and best-fit clinic. As I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, there is no list of recommended clinics included in this programme. If you’d like my help finding you the right clinic and more personalised support through your IVF abroad journey, you may like to explore my 1:1 Clinic Match and Treatment support package instead, which starts from £1500 here.
  • Will you be helping me personally select the proper treatment?
    No, this is medical, and I don’t offer medical advice to clients as I am not medically trained, therefore this is not included in this programme. However, the clinics abroad will provide you with this and I may be able to help you find more information or signpost you to further support on the available treatments if needed, so that you can make the best, most informed decision for your family.
  • Do you offer any kind of guarantee with this course?
    Yes! I’m confident this programme will give you everything you need to explore IVF abroad confidently. However, if after completing the workshops and watching all the videos, you still don’t feel confident seeking IVF abroad using this toolkit, you can redeem the investment you make in this toolkit against our 1:1 Clinic Match Service or Clinic Match and Treatment Service Support Package. Just email for more details.
  • How is this course delivered?
    By 4 live taught workshops which will be recorded so you can watch on replay too. You’ll get instant access to all the information contained inside this toolkit in an easily accessible members’ area, so you can understand the process, work out if it’s right for you, and use the tips and guidance inside to create your own fertility abroad plan, find the right, safe clinic for you and to plan and have treatment in Europe. You will have lifetime access too for as long as I am running this programme.
  • What are the dates of the live course?
    The live taught programme will start on Tuesday 18 April with the first live call. Module 1: Tuesday 18th April 2023 Module 2: Thursday 27th April 2023 Module 3: Thursday 4th May 2023 Module 4: Tuesday 9th May 2023 Bonus Q&A: Tuesday 16th May 2023 All sessions will be at 7.30pm, UK time and will be held on Zoom.
  • Do you cover donor conception information?
    No. I touch on it briefly, but it’s a vast and highly personal topic. However, for £97, you can add an optional 1:1 30-minute video call on donor conception support session at checkout. I’ll take you through all your questions and discuss the donor options available abroad in line with your specific needs and circumstances. If you’re considering using a donor, this session is highly recommended.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    No, once the programme starts. I have outlined above what is included in the toolkit and who it is and is not suitable for, so please make sure you read this thoroughly to ensure it’s right for you. You also have My Risk-Free Guarantee: If, after completing the workshops and watching all the videos, you still don’t feel confident seeking IVF abroad using this toolkit, you can use the investment of this programme as a credit to redeem against my 1:1 services (excluding Pick My Brain Call).
  • I have some other questions so I can ensure this is the right course for me. How do I get in touch?
    I have outlined above what is included in the toolkit and who it is and is not suitable for, so please make sure you read this thoroughly to ensure it’s right for you. If you are still unsure please get in touch on and I will be happy to help. OR I can offer a complimentary 15-minute call so you can ask any questions that will help you decide if this programme is right for you.
YIVFA background.png


"After doing some basic research on IVF treatment abroad we found it very difficult to know where to start. It was like navigating an overwhelming minefield of information that didn't make any sense. I discovered Emma on Instagram @yourivfabroad and instantly felt the desire to get in touch. Right away I felt very comfortable chatting to Emma and sharing stories which put me at ease at a time where everything felt like a constant worry. The information we received was not only trustworthy, reliable and fully informative, but personal in a way we have never experienced before. There is no doubt that Emma and Adam's experiences are hugely impactful and influence how they approach their business and we are very thankful they were there for us, we would have been completely lost without them. A professional and stress free approach to finding the best IVF clinic to support your personal needs, done with such care and efficiency that cannot be faulted. I feel like I have known Emma for years and cannot imagine how we would have made it to this point without her help”

Gillian and Dominic, UK

YIVFA background (1).png


"We are so grateful to Your IVF abroad for helping us to achieve our dream. Their first hand experience, friendly advice and guidance was an absolute godsend and we wouldn’t have been able to navigate our way through the intricacies of fertility treatment abroad without them. We were supported emotionally and practically throughout our journey from organising medication to travel arrangements and sightseeing. If it wasn’t for Your IVF abroad we’d not have our 'Squashy Joshi' here today. I'm so thankful to Emma and Adam for taking the stress out of the process, saving us time and money and helping us to start our family! We can't thank you enough."

 Soneeta and Gavin, UK


How much does Your IVF abroad Toolkit cost?

DIY Toolkit Course = ​£397


DIY Toolkit Course +

Donor Conception 121 video call

= £494

(The course price is less than the average cost of two consultations in the UK, Ireland and America)

As well as card payment, you may have the option at checkout to pay via GooglePay or ApplePay.

Payment option logos 2.png

Want to secure even more support?

This is a pre-recorded, DIY self paced course with no 121 support. If you have questions remaining after completing the course, consider booking a 30 minute 121 Pick My Brain video call with Emma. You can add this to your order when you go through checkout. 

To find out more about a Pick My Brain call and what it is and isn't useful for please click HERE.

My mission

I am on a mission to make fertility testing and treatment globally safe, ethical and more affordable, accessible and supported.

I realise that some people may not be able to afford full one-to-one support or they may even prefer to action things themselves.

I want to help as many people as I can and be as accessible and inclusive as I can be.

I have been where you are and want to share my knowledge and tips, giving you the tools that you will need. 

Lifetime access for as long as I run this course! You can revisit the recordings in your personal learning area as many times as you need to.

I know first-hand how costly IVF treatment is and I understand that it is not accessible for all. That’s why I created this course, so that everyone has the opportunity to access fertility treatment like IVF abroad.

I want to reduce the overwhelm and give you as many options as possible, so that you can make an empowered and informed choice about how to proceed fertility treatment journey in Europe and to help support you to start or grow your family.

If you are ready to dip your toes into fertility treatment abroad, or you are ready to start making serious plans then click the link below to learn more and join now.

Emma Haslam, Your IVF abroad
Buy now

Your IVF abroad Toolkit

DIY Toolkit Course

5 module DIY toolkit course


Toolkit + Donor support

DIY Toolkit Course + 121 with Emma

5 module DIY toolkit course
a 30 minute 121 donor conception video call with Emma for an additional £97

As well as card payment, you may have the option at checkout to pay via GooglePay or ApplePay 

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View Terms and Conditions for the course

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