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No regrets?

Do you have any regrets? I do.

I regret staying on an NHS waiting list for treatment for two years and then being refused treatment in the end anyway. because the stupid rules had changed!

I regret spending £1000 on three consultations in the UK to get no value, feel like a number and get no further forward.

I regret losing two years of my life on that NHS waiting list stuck in limbo. I also lost my sanity, myself and control over MY infertility and MY body.

I regret losing 6 stone when it had nothing to do with my infertility and all it did was waste my time and here I am having put most of it back on again.

And I am sadly not alone in any of this.

I have NO regrets about taking some control back and going abroad for IVF which changed my life for the better and I would still feel the same no matter what the outcome. I genuinely mean that.

I do regret not having any help with understanding the process, finding a clinic and preparing for treatment, but it wasn't available and made things feel scary and stressful and I had no idea if I was doing things safely or if the clinic I had chosen was a good fit for our diagnoses.

I don't want that for you. Let me help you. I have been there and have now helped lots of other people to have no regrets over their decision to go abroad to explore fertility treatment too.

Take a look at our SERVICES HERE and follow the steps on our website to arrange a 30 minute complimentary consultation with me to see if IVF abroad could work for you too.

Love Emma xxx

Love Emma xxx


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