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How does having fertility treatment abroad work?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

As the go-to fertility treatment and IVF abroad expert and mentor for Europe it’s a question I get asked a lot. It’s also one of the questions we had and didn’t know the answer to when my husband Adam and I were considering whether fertility treatment abroad could be right for us.

We already felt overwhelmed and scared at the thought of having IVF at home in the UK, let alone going abroad!

Trying to understand the process felt like a million dollar question, especially with all the other questions we had whizzing around our heads. This was one we sought to understand first, in order to help us make a decision on whether IVF abroad could be right for us.

As well-travelled - and after years of trying for a baby, desperate - people, we started looking into IVF treatment abroad, but could find very little information anywhere…

  • How could we know who’s registered, regulated, ethical and safe?

  • What clinics would be a good fit for us personally and medically?

  • How do the laws in another country differ and impact us?

  • Where can we have the treatment and how might things be different there?

  • Where should we avoid having treatment?

  • Would they speak good English?

  • How does the process work?

  • What should we expect when we get there?

  • What if something went wrong?

  • Could it really be cheaper?

  • And IS cheaper really a good thing when it comes to IVF?

We had so many questions.

Each question we frantically typed into google returned an overwhelming mix of sometimes conflicting and sometimes wrong information.

So, we searched instead for someone who could help us navigate this unfamiliar and confusing situation. We were desperate for clarity and a plan. We needed help, but there was no help available: We were on our own.

It was overwhelming, and we were terrified we had little time to waste, frustrated to have spent two years frantically trying to jump through the NHS hoops, only to have the goalposts changed around the BMI limit for fertility treatment in our postcode lottery area.

We needed something to throw our energy into, so we persevered and we had IVF abroad despite not knowing the answers to the questions we really needed.

Of course there is no exact one size fits all answer to the process of having fertility treatment. However, after having fertility treatment myself four times in Europe and going through the process hundreds of times with the people I help globally to find a best fit safe clinic and to plan and have fertility treatment abroad, there are steps, steps to follow that I can share to aid your understanding and answer one of the many questions on your list.

So to help you I have created a free downloadable short guide for you that helps walk you through the process of having IVF with ICSI and other fertility treatment abroad like egg and sperm donation. It's a step by step guide to help reduce the fear and overwhelm and to help you to work out if fertility treatment abroad is right for you.

You do not need to do this on your own.

To grab your free guide just copy and paste the link below into your browser.

Love Emma xxx

PS - To answer some of your other questions check out my other blog posts or listen to my podcast - both available here on my website. If you are interested in further support with things like finding a safe and best fit fertility clinic, preparing for your clinical consultations and having your treatment then please check out the services tab on my website and send me a message via my website.


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