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How to find an IVF clinic abroad

Thinking about and planning fertility treatment, particularly in another country can feel so overwhelming. Fertility treatment on it's own is pretty overwhelming on it's own!

I was totally overwhelmed a lot of the time when I was looking at having and planning fertility treatment abroad. I didn't know anyone back then who had done anything like this before. I didn't know how to verify a clinic was safe, registered, regulated or it it was the best fit for me, so we fudged our way through and it was much more stressful than it needed to be.

It's the reason we started Your IVF abroad as we looked for help and couldn't find it. We didn't want anyone to feel the way we did and to struggle with where to get all the questions you don't yet know you will have reliably and impartially answered.

We were so stressed and for me IVF and winging it are not a good combination and I do not recommend this approach, but I didn't have a choice.

Over the past 6 years I have immersed myself into the world of fertility treatment abroad, working independently with clinics across Europe and clients around the world.

I want to share some top tips with you:

If you are finding your own clinic make sure you do your due diligence both on safety and suitability based on your personal circumstances and needs.

Think about the destination, safety and how you feel about spending your free time there.

Consider if you are able to have the treatment in your country of choice, as the rules in different countries vary.

When comparing clinics ensure that your understand how success rates are obtained and that they are independently verified by a reputable body.

We know that stress does not cause infertility, but infertility and having fertility treatment is stressful so if this feels too overwhelming consider passing this over to a reproductive agency, like Your IVF abroad to help you find your dream clinic, support you through your cost effective and accessible treatment and to help reduce the stress and overwhelm. 

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Love Emma xxx


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