The best experience, the most support

You will find that the total cost of your treatment, including your medication, travel, accommodation and our service fee can be approximately 40% cheaper than in the UK. We support people in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and Canada.

Our Clinic Match service includes:

  • Initial consultation and fact gathering to gain your needs/wants.

  • Based on your requirements and three plus years of on-going research we will suggest three clinics we feel are suitable, providing you with comprehensive, useful information on each clinic (PDFs)

  • Arrangement of consultations (via Skype) with up to three clinics. These consultations are usually free vs approx £500 each in the UK.

  • Liaison with the clinic on your behalf and vice versa.

  • Support to complete pre-consultation paperwork for the clinics.

  • Support to understand clinic emails and instructions.

  • Sourcing any pre-consultation blood work or ultrasounds needed.

  • Providing you with questions we suggest for consultations

  • Post-consultation discussion regarding consultation and next steps.

Agency fee for the above services - £500 own egg/sperm, £600 for donor enquiries, or £750  for clients based in the USA , Australia or Canada.

Chosen your clinic? Our treatment service:

  • Working with your chosen clinic and liaison with them on your behalf.

  • Help to understand your treatment protocol/timetable

  • Facilitation of your medication, with no mark up, saving you £100s with our partner UK fertility specialist pharmacy.

  • Sourcing of specialist IVF insurance.

  • Organisation of all of your treatment and travel arrangements, including sourcing accommodation, flights, transfers at best rates. 

  • Travel tips to make your stay more comfortable and enjoyable. 

  • Personalised, friendly, practical support throughout your fertility treatment with people who have had fertility treatment abroad.

  • Answering the non-medical questions you don't yet know you have.

  • Support up to taking your pregnancy test and signposting to other services, if required.

  • Free confidential, closed Facebook support group.

We will also source the following at the best rates for you:

  • Additional pre-treatment blood tests and ultrasounds required at home.

  • Injection and infection control training delivered by a Nurse at home.

  • We are also able to organise Acupuncture, Reflexology and Intralipids, at home and some services available abroad too. 

With the Treatment service any commission available to us from your chosen clinic will be passed to YOU from us or you will get a discount off your treatment. Saving you between £200  - £600 vs going direct. 


If your treatment is not successful we will offer a 25% discount on our service fee for any subsequent cycles with the same clinic.

Agency service fee for the above services: £750 or £1000 for those clients based in the USA,  Australia or Canada.

Personalised support

We want to make Your IVF abroad as personalised and as comfortable as possible and you will receive guidance and support from the very beginning. If you have any additional requirements then please let us know (additional fees may apply).

Disclaimer: Please note we are unable to offer medical advice. The information on this website is not medical advice. You should not rely on it as a substitute for medical advice from your doctor, or healthcare professional.

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