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I'm a bad person

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

This is how I used to view myself. I had some awful thoughts whilst trying to conceive. I was jealous of other people, so angry and I found it very difficult to be happy for others, all things that are not in my nature normally, but infertility brings out all the feels right? I beat myself up over this, time and time again, stuck in my own head. I didn’t have the right support around me and my mental health suffered as a result BIG TIME as I carried the weight of this belief about myself around and I became anxious and depressed as a result, although I don’t think I realised it at the time. I just felt lost, lonely and desperate for someone to help me. Throughout my pregnancy I was anxious and after I gave birth to my son it all came tumbling out and I spent 18 months with crippling postnatal depression, which I hid at the time as I didn’t feel I had a right to feel depressed given I now had a baby a thought which I now see was my mind monkeys and illness getting in my own way. We all have mental health, sometimes it’s good like mine is today and sometimes not so good, or terrible like it was then and for those of you out there struggling, I see you and you are not alone. Since the birth of my son in 2018 I have become the go-to expert in fertility treatment in Europe, the one that we needed and didn’t exist. I didn’t ever want anyone to go through this alone and directionless like I did. I set about my mission to help people to access more affordable, accessible and supported treatment to give them the best chance of growing their families. I am award nominated, a resident expert on a couple of fertility apps, have been interviewed and featured in a book and have done many guest podcasts such as The Fertility Podcast, Big Fat Negative and The Worst Girl Gang Ever. I want to share this with you not to show off, but so you know you are in good hands. I think checking out some of these podcasts might help you to know that you are not alone and they are interesting, intimate, vulnerable and funny too! You can check out some of the podcasts I have been featured in on my website, along with my very own podcast and blog. All free and to help you as I never want another person to go through infertility alone and you don’t have to either. Love Emma x PS - If you feel like you might need some more support from me with all things fertility treatment abroad then you can check out my services here and follow the steps to get in touch. Or email me on


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