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More frequently asked questions about having fertility treatment abroad - part two

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

I’m female and in a relationship with another female, can we have treatment everywhere in Europe?

Unfortunately not. Which is ridiculous, I know. There are some countries that legally cannot offer you treatment unless you are in a male and female couple. There are also some countries that are more liberal than others and this is the same for clinics too, usually depending on their location. Look out for the clinics that display the LGBTQ plus badges on their website showing their support for the community. You want to be comfortable with where you're going in terms of your chosen clinic and destination.

I'm a single female, can I have treatment abroad? It's the similar answer to the last question.

It depends on the country, so make sure you check this out in advance of starting to research the best fertility clinics abroad.

I am a person of colour. Can I go anywhere abroad to get an egg donor to match to my ethnicity?I

It will depend on where you go in terms of country and then looking at the clinics availability of donors that match your requirements

Are clinics abroad COVID safe?

The clinics are work with are, you know these state of the art, world class, medically clean clinics that comply to the required regulations to keep us safe and from things like Covid-19 and infection control in general. This is a question to ask the clinic and see how they respond.

Are there waiting lists for treatment at fertility clinics abroad?

At a lot of the clinics abroad, there are no waiting times for treatment. If having own egg IVF with ICSI, typically there are no waiting times of treatment. I know in Greece in August, a lot of the clinics have a two to three week shutdown period, that's when they have their holiday and it's because it’s very hot in Greece in August. And so that can then impact on waiting times for treatment because they've had that shutdown period. So that's something to bear in mind if you're thinking about going to Greece around that time of year.

Sometimes there is a wait to be matched to an egg and or sperm donor, but it is typically a lot quicker than in the UK for example and particularly for people of colour. I've had clients where it's taken like a week to be matched up to kind of four months, but typically it kind of sits somewhere in the middle around about eight weeks, but that's a very loose timeline and it really does depend on your characteristics, your preferences, and the country and clinic in which you're looking at. All of these things will impact on that timeline, but while you wait you can get everything prepared and ready for your treatment.

Can I get my fertility medication organised from my home country, or do I have to go abroad to get my IVF medication?

You can go abroad to get your medication, but you don't have to. Or some people do a hybrid of both. In most countries around the world you should be able to get your medication in your home country, but if this isn’t an option then you are able to get the medication from the country in which you are having your treatment. If you are getting your medication at home then there are lots of ways to do this, depending on where you live.


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