Overseas fertility treatment – is it the right choice for you?

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

“It just sounds like even more hassle…”

“Surely the language barrier will make things more complicated?”

“I can’t have that much time off work.”

“British fertility treatment is the best in the world…isn’t it?”

These are the concerns we hear day in, day out from prospective patients and believe it or not, until about five years ago myself and my husband Adam had the same worries and misconceptions about what fertility treatment outside of the UK would be like.

Let us start by saying that we are not here to badmouth or criticise the service provided by British clinics – to the contrary, we have lots of friends who have been lucky enough to have had successful treatment on the NHS and with private fertility centres.

But, if we give you a little detail into how we ended up having (successful!) IVF in the Czech Republic, it may shed some light as to why we feel SO passionately that there are real and tangible advantages to having treatment abroad.

Like many of you, I was 33 when I heard the words no newly married woman desperate to start a family with her husband, ever wants to hear: “We’re sorry Mrs Haslam but you’re perimenopausal with an inadequate (never good!) ovarian reserve and your BMI is too high for NHS treatment. Oh, and your husband’s sperm count is extremely low and has very poor motility.”