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Why are we waiting for IVF and fertility treatment?

Why are we waiting for IVF and fertility testing and treatment in the UK and Ireland, to name but a few places in the world?

The waiting that we have to endure as infertile people is the pits. In the beginning it's waiting to fall pregnant naturally, month after month, only to face eternal disappointment when it doesn't happen. Then it's waiting until the system determines when and whether we are eligible for funded fertility testing (if you have an NHS or equivalent option). Then its often waiting sometimes a really LONG time for fertility investigations, appointments, blood tests, ultrasounds, invasive gynecological investigations and procedures and then if you manage to get that far after jumping through all the hoops and hurdles, you are then likely to then have to wait for you actual fertility treatment: such as IVF, IUI, ICSI and donor egg and or donor sperm treatment including donor embryo and embryo adoption and that's if you are eligible and if it's affordable IVF for example in your home country.

Annoying AF. The list goes on and it was one of the worst things for me. I felt totally out of control and with no plan, stuck in some kind of cruel, torturous limbo. In fact annoying AF doen't come close to how I felt with all the waiting. I was devastated, aware of the ticking clock and life passing me by, consumed by infertilty and waiting to become a Mum.

Like most people I like to have a plan and to feel in control of the important aspects of my life that I can control, especially when infertility takes away so much of our control, right? I know you will totally get what I mean when I say this.

When it comes to using the best IVF clinics abroad in Europe, that offer safe fertility treatment then I am sure that you will be pleased to know that generally speaking, there there are no waiting times, especially for own egg IVF - there certainly aren't with the safe fertiltiy clinics in Europe that we match our clients too. Amazing, I know!

Then if you prep what is needed for consultation in terms of fertility test results, then in theory you are able to go on your next cycle should you choose to do so, especially when having own egg IVF. Yep you heard right. You can decide when you want to start your fertility treatment. Refreshing huh?

If having donor treatment there is a process to go through to find a match. This will vary depending on the clinic and your requirements, but should still be infinitely quicker than if you have donor conception treatment like donor egg, donor embryo or embryo adoption in the UK.

Generally speaking on average in my experience as the IVF abroad mentor and expert on average for my clients having anonymous or open ID donor treament, the process around eight weeks. It can also be as quick as one week, plus you will know this in advance, so you stay in control and have a plan very much in place. It's also handy time to use to organise other aspects of your fertility treatment abroad in Europe.

By going abroad you can begin to take some control over your journey with infertility, make informed decisions that suit you and move forward when you are ready to have high standards of fertility treatment without the wait.

If you are fed up of waiting and would like my help to speed up the process of having IVF and or fertility testing or treatment abroad including donor IVF then please drop me an email to find out how I can help you wth this.

Love Emma x

Co-founder Your IVF abroad.


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