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Understanding Fertility Treatment Abroad: 5 Crucial Steps You Must Understand

If you're considering fertility treatment abroad, it's essential to navigate the process with a clear understanding of key factors ahead of time and to assist you in the researching, planning and having your fertility treatment stages. Having undergone four rounds of IVF myself and assisting 100s of people now around the world to start and grow their families I have compiled a list of the five areas that are crucial for you to understand grasp before embarking on your journey, so that you can make your budget stretch further, have safe fertility treatment abroad and choose the right destination and clinic to meet your needs.

1. Understand the process of having IVF and other fertility treatments abroad 

Understanding the specifics of how having your chosen fertility treatment abroad might work ahead of time is paramount. Consider factors such as the duration of your stay abroad and what your options for this, along with where you can go to get your initial monitoring and tests, like fertility bloodwork, semen analyses and ultrasounds for your consultations and treatment like IVF, Egg donation and IUI and where to get your medication. Knowing the process helps you make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary challenges or regrets later on. 

If you need help to get your medication I have a free online pharmacy service that can give you a no obligation quote from your prescription and delivery is global.

Check out the link below for full details 

2. Choose Your Destination Wisely

Before diving into clinic research, prioritise choosing a destination first. Ensure it's easily accessible, legally allows your treatment for someone in your circumstances and aligns with your ethical and safety concerns. Factor in political stability, travel expenses, and available accommodation. Starting with your destination first also helps you to narrow down clinic options, making the selection process more manageable and less overwhelming when thinking about how to find the best fertility clinic abroad. If having donor conception like donor egg and/or donor sperm treatment then make sure you understand how this works and that you are happy with the way it works in the countries you are interested in having your treatment in.

3. Clinic Selection and Questions

Once you've chosen a destination or destinations then you can focus on clinic selection. Ask the fertility clinics lots of essential questions about costs, their experience of your medical needs and safety records. If having donor conception like donor egg and/or donor sperm treatment then make sure you understand how this works in the clinics you are interested in having your treatment in terms of their recruitment, screening and selection processes and whether they align with your requirements.  Narrowing down clinics becomes more straightforward when armed with information about their practices and your specific requirements. This will help you to rule clinics in or out.Keep your choices to a manageable three clinics for consideration at any one time to avoid overwhelm, or paralysis by analysis!

4. Plan for Treatment - Fertility tests, Monitoring, Medication and Travel

Plan ahead of time and think about where you can access baseline tests for your consultations and treatment, plus where you will get your medication from and where you will go for your monitoring if you are starting the process in your home country before flying abroad for your fertility treatment. This proactive approach ensures a smoother treatment experience without last-minute surprises or uncertainties and reduces the stress and overwhelm you may otherwise face when having your fertility treatment abroad.

5. Logistics and Aftercare

Delve into thinking about the logistics of your treatment journey and how things might work and when. Consider when to start, how long you'll be away, what steps you need to take and what points, what support you might need along the way and what to do post-treatment. Create a plan for aftercare support too, for either a positive or negative pregnancy test. Thinking through these aspects in advance ensures you can be really organised and planned and you can reduce any risk of last minute surprises, so you can move through the process feeling calm and in control.  

Need more help?

If you are looking for comprehensive step by step information and guidance on these areas to help you to DIY fertility treatment abroad safely and to give yourself and your budget the best chances of success then I have something that will take you from a place of confusion, fear and overwhelm and help you to do things safely, with confidence, clarity and whilst feeling empowered.

My proven, instantly accessible DIY Toolkit course provides step-by-step video content with captions that you can watch in under 4 hours, covering everything you need to understand the process through to how to choose the right clinic in the right destination for you that is safe and meet your needs along with how to plan the logistics of everything needed for your clinic consultations, treatment and travel, including access to my Little Black Book of contacts for here in the UK to help you to find where to go locally to get things like fertility blood work, ultrasounds and semen analysis, plus much more, ensuring you don’t get stuck along the way. 

After treatment has finished you will understand the care that needs to be put in place depending on the outcome of your IVF or other fertility treatment and you will be able to put a plan in place around how to look after yourself through the process. If this sounds like what you need then my DIY Toolkit course could be right for you. 


Until February 29, 2024, the DIY toolkit course includes bonus materials worth £164

  1. List of 70 suggested questions to ask a fertility clinic to make sure they are safe and a good fit for you

  2. A 30 minute video call with me to tie up any remaining questions or to be used for a donor conception information session

  3. A copy of my planner and journal specifically set up for having fertility treatment abroad, helping you to document and track everything in one place

Whether you're in the UK or abroad, this proven course will equip you with the knowledge needed for a successful and well-informed fertility treatment journey. 

To find out more and to buy the course use the link below and then send an email to Emma Haslam on to claim the extras above, if you buy the course on or before 29th February 2024.

Interest free payment plans are available at checkout if you have a Klarna or Clearpay account. The DIY Toolkit course also comes with a guarantee, which you can find out more about via the link too

Don’t miss this opportunity to grab these invaluable extras and the course that gives you everything to research, plan and have fertility treatment abroad safely armed with the right knowledge and guidance from the go-to expert.


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