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Planning fertility treatment abroad?

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

Planning fertility treatment like IVF abroad in Europe in another country away from home can be TERRIFYING for some people.

If you haven't had fertility treatment before then this can feel even more risky, after all it's totally unchartered territory, which can feel scary and overwhelming and just too much for some people.

I know that in the UK we have some of the best healthcare in the world, but the NHS is chronically underfunded and the majority of people do not qualify for the fertility treatment they need to have a baby. Also in countries like the UK, America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand fertility treatment is so expensive privately more people than ever are going abroad for fertility treatment.

We have all heard lots of horror stories of other medical procedures abroad that have gone wrong, like Turkey Teeth or implants that have exploded and other sad things like this that have happened to real people like you or I.

There are however lots of people who have had very positive experiences going abroad for fertility treatment like IVF and who have had successful treatment, some after multiple failed cycles in their home countries. If you do your homework and are organised or get some help then there is no reason why you can't have a positive experience too.

As I touched on above there are lots of people who first think about going abroad due to the significant cost savings, only to realise as they move forward with the process that there are many other benefits of having IVF, IUI, Donor egg, Donor sperm, Donor embryo, Embryo adoption abroad.

Thing no waiting lists, more options and availability for donor conception, great communication and customer service, advanced treatment and state of the art laboratories and world-class clinics housing some of the best fertility Doctors in the world, transparent costings and time away from the stressed and strain of home in a holiday location, which should not be underestimated.

Like with anything knowledge and preparation are key to preparing to have fertility treatment abroad, there is also a lot to sort out and you need the time to do this.

You need to do your research and then to decide on what clinic and country to have your fertility treatment. This part of the process can be super overwhelming and puts a lot of people off going abroad. If you have ever googled IVF abroad you will know what I mean! You also need to know how to understand and interpret success rates, what to ask a clinic at consultation to ensure they are the right one for you, understand costings and what is and isn't included to help you manage your budget and you need to know what blood tests and ultrasounds you need and where you can get them.

As I said there is a lot to do, but it can be so worth it. If you have done your due diligence and found a safe clinic that meets your needs in the right destination for you and your circumstances and you are organised then why not plan to have fertility treatment abroad?

Of course if you prefer you can enlist the help of an impartial IVF abroad expert and mentor like myself, who has been through the process personally and who has helped 100s of people globally to grow their families.

I have become the go-to expert in fertility treatment abroad. The one we needed and could not find. I can help guide you through the process of finding your best fit safe fertility clinic, help you to prepare you for your medical consultations with the Doctors, what questions to ask, get your tests sorted for consultation and treatment and to make sure you understand everything, so you can make informed decisions that are right for you, oh and help you to save you money along the way too with things like discounted fertility treatment at many of the clinics I recommend.

I will save you time and those endless hours of research hours of research that leaves you more confused than before you started and give you peace of mind you need so you can focus on the important bit.

I will hold your hand an which will stop you so you don't feel alone and so you feel less scared - after all I have been there and totally get it. I will help you to stop the waiting, get some answers, take back some control and stretch your budget further and give you the best chances of success, without any regrets, whatever the outcome.

If you are interested in my support then please drop me an email on with the word blog and I will come right back to you.

If you are reading this in real time I have only one space remaining now to work with me in 2022. January and February are my busiest months of the year so if you are considering working with me then please get in touch asap to avoid disappointment

Not at this point yet and just want to understand more about how the process of having fertility treatment abroad works? Then copy and paste the link below to grab your free short guide.

Love Emma x

Emma Haslam, Co-founder Your IVF abroad



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