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Additional IVF &Fertility Treatment Costs You Need To Consider

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Additional IVF &Fertility Treatment Costs You Need To Consider

If you're trying to conceive and want to have a baby and are on the path to parenthood and considering, planning, or about to have fertility testing or treatment abroad like IVF, you're in the right place. 

I'm Emma Haslam, and since the birth of my son in 2018, I have made it my mission to make fertility treatment more transparent, accessible, supported and affordable. I now help people around the world just like you to find a safe, best fit clinic and navigate fertility treatment in Europe. And since 2019 I have helped 100s around the world, in places like America, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, UAE and in the UK and Ireland, to have fertility treatment in Europe and achieve their dreams of starting or expanding their families. 

IVF and fertility testing and treatments can be costly, in terms of time and money.  Aside from the costs that are associated with the treatments, here are some costs that are not so frequently spoken about and some useful tips and easy savings you can make when having fertility treatment.


Additional Fertility & IVF Costs Can Include:

  • Save up to 50% on fertility testing and treatment through having treatment in Europe in places like the Czech Republic, Spain and Greece. You can save even more if you are in America and considering treatment in Europe. It all depends on the cost of fertility treatment in your home country and where you are considering going and the prices in every country varies, some more than others. I recommend looking for good value and not cheap IVF, fertility treatment that meets your needs and budget.

  • Consultation fees - lots of clinics charge hefty consultation fees and these can really add up while having treatment, however a lot of clinics in Europe either charge a low, perhaps one off fee or have no charge at all and consultations can be done over video too, or in person of course if you prefer, but on video saves travel costs.

  • Scans/Ultrasounds: This is one of those unavoidable costs that you will encounter regardless of where you choose to have your treatment. The biggest difference and value I found from clinics abroad is that all of your scans and some optional add-ons tend to be included as part of the standard package, in comparison to UK or US clinics. Initially,  it might not look like the difference in price is a lot, but when you might require multiple rounds of treatment, the cumulative savings can add up and if you decide to have all of your scans abroad with a clinic then they will most likely be included in the baseline price.

  • More included in baseline package price - like ICSI, extended culture and Embryoglue are included as standard

  • Flights and accommodation: These are key to consider and budget for as they make a big difference for your treatment affordability. However, if you consider time of year, availability and the cost of flights and accommodation at the destinations you are considering you can make considerable savings of between up to 50%.

  • Ask lots of questions before booking your consultations: When you're having a look and you're comparing fertility clinics at home versus abroad, then just have a really close look and see what is actually included, what appears like it could be missing, and ask lots of questions. Ideally, before you go ahead and spend money on consultations (a lesson learnt from my husband and I who we spent quite a lot of money on consultations only to not end up having fertility treatment in the UK), don’t be afraid to get as much information as you can upfront. This is a good question to keep in mind if you're not sure what might be included in your quote - Is there anything else that I might need to pay for that I haven't thought of that hasn't been included? And get them to answer that question for you. And if they're not helpful with you at this point, then once they've got your money, they're probably not going to be any more helpful. So I would say if you’re finding it challenging and they’re not taking the time or care to answer your questions beforehand, it's probably not gonna be the right clinic for you. 

  • Lack of pricing transparency: don’t be surprised (like my husband and I were)  if the initial costs advertised on the website in the UK or US end up being nearly three to four times more. I totally understand that it’s difficult to get the definitive cost until you've had your consultation and treatment plan but when the pricing is that extremely different, it can be really frustrating and it should not be difficult to get baseline cost say for example for IVF with ICSI or egg donation with what is and isn’t included and what may be needed and at what price.


I hope that these tips are useful whether you are considering your treatment in your home country or abroad. Please make sure you ask lots of questions, look at the clinic's information, and think about what works best for you. 

If you're ready to take the next step and explore the possibilities of IVF abroad, I invite you to download one of my free short guides below and listen to my podcast.



  • Listen to the podcast using this link HERE or Just search YOUR IVF abroad on all your usual platforms like Apple and Spotify.

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