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Top money saving tips for fertility treatment

Ok, so I am from Yorkshire....where people are known to be 'tight' with their money. However, I consider myself to be the opposite, but upon hearing the average cost of IVF in the UK is upwards of £10k then I am DEFINITELY 'too tight' to spend that much money on something with no guarantees and that often needs more than one round.

You probably don't have that kind of money laying around. Me either, not many people do and I can think of a million other things I would rather spend it on!

When saving for fertility treatment we have to put so much of our lives on hold; holidays, cars, houses and getting married are just some examples of where we have to choose, because we are not able to get funded treatment for our disease and it's just not fair. We put off buying a house and moved into my parents snug abode in order to save money, don't get me wrong I am grateful we had the option, but as newly weds fresh from our wedding on a shoestring, it was far from ideal.

We were lulled into a false sense of security when looking at costs of treatment in the UK. We paid for expensive consultations, only to get the 'real' price after when we quickly realised that we couldn't afford to go with these clinics. This happened three times and we had spent around £1000 on consultations and I was frankly phished off!

I believe strongly in integrity and transparency, so much so they became some of our brand values. I believe in giving people the respect they deserve to gather the information they need to make an informed decision about where to have their treatment, before spending unnecessarily and without any nasty surprises along the way.  If you decide to go abroad for treatment, it's highly likely that including everything (flights, accommodation, meds) you will half the costs of what you would spending the UK and even more if you are based in Canada, America, Australia and other parts of the world, leaving money in your pocket for future rounds of treatment or other fun stuff like buying things for your baby on board.

There are other things you can do to save money while having fertility treatment:

1) Shop around for your medication, consider getting it all/some abroad to save even more money

2) Consider which destination you choose, some countries in Europe are more expensive than others. Eastern Europe tends to offer great value for money treatment and accommodation.

3) If you are based in the UK work out which blood tests you are entitled too on the NHS.

Love Emma x  Curious about, planning or having IVF abroad but on a budget?

We want value for money fertility treatment but we don't want cheap, unsafe IVF and stressing about now knowing if we are doing things 'right'. Having fertility treatment is stressful enough. Spending a little from the huge amount of money you will save on treatment, on some support to give you the knowledge to make informed, safe, best fit decisions and to make the process less stressful and overwhelming, is a really good idea. To help we have created the Your IVF abroad DIY toolkit workshops, which offer everything you need to know, in order to find a best fit, world class safe clinic and to arrange your own fertility treatment in Europe, including all the money saving tips. I tell you everything, using my 5 step signature system that I use with my one to one clients and I leave nothing out. Giving you my expert knowledge at a budget friendly price because it doesn't involve my one to one time, means that I can offer it to you at such a low price, but don't be fooled it still includes all the knowledge you need and it will give you all the tools to do it yourself with confidence. Available to buy now on our services page, with instant access. Check out DIY toolkit today.


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