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Where is the best fertility clinic abroad

Updated: Nov 10, 2023

This is a big question. One I have typed into google many times in the past when I was thinking about going abroad to have fertility treatment like IVF.

Of course through my search results I received 1000s of ‘answers’ that were all conflicting, adding to my confusion!

And I had enough to think about already, all consumed with infertility! Without the added confusion about which was the best fertility clinic in Europe.

As infertile people desperate to have a baby and to create or expand our families, the pressure is on to find the right fertility clinic that is safe, within budget and best suits our medical needs.

And of course we all have different diagnoses, such as Endometriosis, PCOS, Low AMH, POI, Unexplained infertility, male factor infertility - the list goes on.

Then you have to consider which country you would be happy to have your fertility treatment in, one that is safe, registered/regulated, ethical and politically stable.

You need to work out whether you are able to receive the treatment you are looking to have in that country and if allowed legally whether it’s a place you will feel comfortable going, for example anonymous and non anonymous egg and or sperm donation, embryo adoption or donation, or how things like age, marital status, have a higher BMI.

So it’s not just the million dollar question of which is the best fertility clinic, but also which country will it be in?

There are so many variables and so what is best for one person, or couple, isn’t best for another. There really is no one size fits all.

As people we all have different personalities too and so the clinic's approach to customer service and how this meets your needs is another important factor when determining the best clinic for you.

From my first hand experience of trying to find the best IVF clinic abroad for myself and my husband and now in my work as the go-to fertility treatment abroad expert and mentor, I help people to find their best fit clinics that meet all their needs and as part of this I recommend speaking to 2-3 clinics.

When you have done your homework using the above make a short list of 2-3 fertility clinics, taking into consideration all your needs and wants. Then contact the clinics to get a feel for their communication, response times, how helpful they are and to organise a medical consultation, to ask your questions and to see what the proposed treatment plan would be and if the clinic feels like a right fit for you. And this is the important bit. Finding the best fertility clinic for you.

If you would like some help like to cut down on the overwhelm, save time and give yourself the best chance of success then I can help you to find the best fertility clinic to suit your needs. Just send me an email on with the subject line ‘Blog’ so I know where you have come from and I will be in touch.

Love Emma Haslam

Co founder, Your IVF abroad


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