Nurtition in preparation for Fertility Treatment

Debi Cale, Fertile Nutrition, is a registered Nutritional Therapist specialising in fertility, reproductive health for men and women, pre-conception and hormones.

The lead up to any fertility treatment can be a stressful time, one that can leave you feeling like you are not in control. Food and dietary changes may be something you can incorporate into your self-care routine to help improve your overall health before any treatment commences. It takes around three months to see changes in both egg and sperm quality so bear this in mind when planning your fertility treatment.

Whether you are female or male, these are some easy ideas of things to incorporate into your diet to prepare your body (and mind) for any fertility treatment.

5 top tips for helping you prepare:

1.Gentle detoxification

Strong detoxing isn’t recommended unless you are working with a professional. It can take time and sometimes make things worse before they get better and you don’t want any severe reactions in the lead up to treatment. Here are some safe, basic ways to naturally aid your body’s own detoxification.