Aromatherapy Self-care Treatment & Blends for IVF

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I am a qualified aroma & holistic therapist I specialise in taking the whole person and life situation into account when blending essential oils, or offering holistic treatments.

With IVF treatment as with many other health and medical conditions one blend or course of treatment doesn’t fit all. A magic bottle or potion cannot be purchased from your local chemist or picked up on your next shopping trip. I treat everyone as an individual, even if their medical or health condition is labelled the same.

“Everyone is experiencing a different IVF journey, I take time to treat my client or couple individually, every solution is unique”.

What use is Aromatherapy?

Superficially you may ponder what use an aromatherapy bubble bath or body oil can give, to someone being unable to conceive naturally. We have been conditioned to see the brightly gift wrapped retail version with novelty massager. Mass produced, often sold as a stocking filler at Christmas.

This is not so, when consulting a qualified aromatherapist. Items may include personally blended product for use as a body oil, roller ball balm, bath oil or a pure essential oil blend for use in your home burner, diffuser, and bath or to add to existing skincare.