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Aromatherapy Self-care Treatment & Blends for IVF

I am a qualified aroma & holistic therapist I specialise in taking the whole person and life situation into account when blending essential oils, or offering holistic treatments.

With IVF treatment as with many other health and medical conditions one blend or course of treatment doesn’t fit all. A magic bottle or potion cannot be purchased from your local chemist or picked up on your next shopping trip. I treat everyone as an individual, even if their medical or health condition is labelled the same.

“Everyone is experiencing a different IVF journey, I take time to treat my client or couple individually, every solution is unique”.

What use is Aromatherapy?

Superficially you may ponder what use an aromatherapy bubble bath or body oil can give, to someone being unable to conceive naturally. We have been conditioned to see the brightly gift wrapped retail version with novelty massager. Mass produced, often sold as a stocking filler at Christmas.

This is not so, when consulting a qualified aromatherapist. Items may include personally blended product for use as a body oil, roller ball balm, bath oil or a pure essential oil blend for use in your home burner, diffuser, and bath or to add to existing skincare.

I blend with 100% natural, pure quality carrier and essential oils. Using professional products which are cruelty free, contain no harmful chemicals, animal and environmentally friendly which are sustainably sourced.

How can I have Aromatherapy Treatment or blend?

Outline of Practice, this is the procedure I follow when I am contacted by anyone requiring an aromatherapy blend or treatment for health conditions.

  • Consultation by phone email or in person verbally, I do also have a consultation form which can be emailed out.

  • Course of action required, aromatherapy blend for home or personal use, individual treatment or treatment course.

  • Treatment revision and follow up, usually at the last massage treatment or if a personal blend needs alteration or new blend is requested.

All information is confidential, blending and treatments are very personal, so may need tweaking occasionally depending on personal requirements, health issues or emotional state at the time of treatment.

What kind of things can you blend for?

Having IVF treatment is an emotional rollercoaster, you can be forgiven in thinking I blend to just to relax and calm my clients, especially with the levels of anxiety and stress they and their families are feeling or dealing with.

Anger, resentment, anguish, hormonal imbalance, depression, mental fatigue, mood swings, confidence issues, insomnia, irritability, overthinking, PMS, irregular periods, feelings of insecurity, tension headaches, muscular tension and pain are all issues raised by some of my clients when undergoing IVF treatment however the list is extensive.

Blending for Home Environment or Treatment.

The personal blends are a very useful tools for home use, creating a relaxing environment or for positive self-care reinforcement. The roller ball balms are perfect for carrying in a pocket or purse, if a pulse point pick me up is required it’s easy to hand.

My full body aromatherapy treatments are very much for the individual, I blend two blends one for the mind (facial, scalp and hair) one for the soul (body blend) the treatment last about 1hr 15min. Done in the comfort of your own home, so there’s no need to drive or rush around after the treatment, they are a ultimate relaxing experience. I also do an aromatherapy facial, including shoulder scalp and hair and an aromatherapy therapeutic back massage both include personal blends.

Aromatherapy massage is a very grounding experience, rest assured you are in very experienced hands. Treatments are often very much looked forward to, offering feelings of deep relaxation and liberation as anxieties often diminish and a deeply relaxing tranquil state is achieved.

Essential Oil Safety

Essential oils and aromatherapy products are safe to use when having an IVF hormone course, offering a little self-care and relaxation. They work well and help to alleviate the tension felt by couples as it can be an uncharted experience and stressful time for both.

Essential oils must not be used on the body in the first trimester of pregnancy, if wishing to have a massage also seek advice from a qualified aromatherapist or massage therapist before having any body treatments.

In the UK we do not promote the ingestion of essential oils, some oils are also banned from sale. This does cause concern if purchasing off the internet or directly from another country.

Take care to consult a qualified aromatherapist or The International Federation of Aromatherapists website is a reputable place to look for further information.

Thank you for taking the time to read my Truly Essential blog, I hope you have found it helpful.

For any aromatherapy treatment or essential oil information contact me Val Preston.

Find me and more holistic & aromatherapy solutions at

Truly Essential Holistic & Beauty Therapist


Mobile 07813662625

Instagram - @trulyessentialvalpreston

Twitter - @valpreston


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