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Your IVF abroad Toolkit

A step-by-step guide to finding a clinic and having safe, world class fertility treatment abroad

“From confusion, fear and overwhelm to confidence, clarity and empowerment to have fertility treatment abroad”

This course will help you to find YOUR best fit, world class, safe clinic and give you all the tools and support that you need to understand and to have fertility treatment abroad without the overwhelm, waiting lists and barriers to treatment.

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Is the cost of IVF in your home country a big worry for you?

Don't worry - there are other options available to you that will limit your financial anxiety.

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Have you been denied treatment?

What if we told you that there are other safe, world-class options for you to explore in Europe? 

We have been in your position of being denied NHS treatment and want to share our tips with you and remind you that none of this is your fault.

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Are you frustrated with the feeling that the clock is ticking?

The clock doesn’t have to be ticking when you find out there are other options available with no waiting lists.

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Do you want to know your options honestly and transparently?

We pride ourselves on our honesty and transparency, we found the lack of these to be some of the most frustrating things we experienced when going through fertility investigations and when picking a clinic. Integrity is very important to us, as is feeling supported and we want that for you too.


“In what is one of the most difficult journeys of your life, if you’re thinking of IVF abroad, then you will need an Emma in your life. She becomes a 3rd person in your relationship. If you are unsure of which country to choose or what clinic would be best suited to your needs, what pre checks you need or simply have no idea, then Emma’s service is essential and totally worth every penny, and on top of that Emma is the loveliest person you will ever meet who has experienced the highs and lows of this journey too and is always with you every step of the way, from dusk till dawn, working towards your dream, always putting our minds at ease, sharing our worry, anxiousness and of course our happiness and beyond.


IVF was a foreign language to us. Emma’s service is so valuable, it is difficult to put everything on paper. She is with you absolutely every step of the way keeping our minds at ease at every stage whilst we are working towards our dream of starting our family. We got more excited after every call with Emma and at every stage we become more calmer knowing that she is always there to sense check and answer any questions no matter how silly along the way. Emma always ensured we had everything we needed and crossed all the T’s and dotted all the I’s.

Emma is the loveliest and most genuine, down to earth, kindest person you will ever meet, and you will want to have her as your best friend for life, not just through this journey. We absolutely highly recommend Emma and Adams services at IVF abroad; you will not get more bang for your buck then with these guys and they will ensure you don’t waste any money unnecessarily. 


For us they were our angels in disguise.


We cannot wait to keep them updated along the way and introduce our baby to them in 8 months’ time. 

We cannot thank you enough Emma for all your help, support and guidance. We really couldn’t have done this without you.


Thank you.

With lots and lots and lots of love”

Savita and Piyush

Who is Emma Haslam?

Emma Haslam is the expert in IVF abroad with husband Adam, co-founder of Your IVF abroad - the UK’s only independent reproductive agency, run by former successful IVF abroad patients. 

Aiming to change the narrative, Emma has become an advocate, speaker, campaigner and writer for the infertility community and on donor conception and BMI. Emma is able to do all of this because she has lived it. Emma is on a mission to help as many people as possible and to make fertility treatment a more supported, accessible and affordable option, for more people. 

Emma has featured on The Fertility Podcast, For Trying Out Loud and appeared in the press, on the radio and Instagram takeovers. Emma runs a free peer Facebook support group for those in the infertility community. Emma has written and hosts guest blog posts on behalf of the trying to conceive community and has been interviewed and featured in a book about infertility. The Fertility Circle and the Enhanced Fertility Programme, run by TedX speaker and Fertility Nurse Consultant, Andriea Trigo. 
Emma lives with husband Adam and three-year-old son, Albie. During their down time, the Haslams enjoy family holidays, eating out and walking in the Yorkshire Dales. 


"Emma has been such a great support, from the minute I first met her virtually via a free consultation she made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Emma was very patient with us and took into consideration the many requirements we had and matched us to the perfect clinic for us. Emma carrying out the research on our behalf as such a great help and relieved so much pressure from me. Researching clinics abroad can be so overwhelming, but Emma took this out of our hands and made this stage of the journey stress free and enjoyable. We can't thank her enough."

Tia and Lee Brown, UK

Your IVF abroad Toolkit - Modules

Week 1

IVF abroad - the process

Week 2

How to find a destination

Week 3

Finding a clinic 

Week 4

Logistics (home)

Week 5

Logistics (away)

Week 6

Treatment/outcome and next steps


"When we were looking to change clinics and move abroad, my husband and I found it to be a minefield and felt like we were searching for a needle in a haystack. We hadn't had the best experience with clinics and wanted to be certain that the clinic we chose, and importantly the clinic we were handing thousands of pounds worth of savings to, was the right one, especially if going abroad. It was nerve wracking and we had no idea where to start. Emma was super helpful and attentive in listening to our needs and matching us with clinics that specialised in cases like ours. 

We had consultations with the clinics and were over the moon with them, and we know without a doubt we wouldn't have narrowed it down as easily without the help from Emma. I'd 100% recommend Your IVF abroad to anyone looking to travel overseas for treatment, it helped so much to put us at ease."

Amber Izzo

Emma's story

We have felt the fear, we have felt the confusion, we have felt the overwhelm. Here is Emma’s story of our experiences of having IVF abroad.


“An unexpected turn of events, an accidental ‘Reply all’ message and lots of embarrassment I met my now husband, Adam. Even after two dates, I knew he was a keeper! 


Within days I left to travel the world and when Adam’s father sadly passed away, he decided to join me. After an amazing trip we returned home, I began my career working with Children and Families, we became engaged, were soon married and ready to start a family. Life could not have been better.


We tried EVERYTHING, but pregnancy eluded us. We decided to get ourselves checked out. Despite being in my early thirties I was Perimenopausal and Adam had a low sperm count and motility issues. It was an unexpected, double blow.

Following numerous tests on the NHS we were told that our only chance of conception would be via IVF. We were also told that there was only a 5% chance it would work and in addition with a BMI over 35 we were not eligible to have the treatment on the NHS. Another blow. 

After some research it quickly became clear that the cost of private treatment in the UK was beyond our financial means. We were devastated. Devastated and exhausted after five years of trying. Then hope. After researching the best fertility treatment abroad, we discovered a clinic in Prague. This top fertility clinic had excellent results, years of experience and to our amazement there was no waiting list!


After completing all the necessary paperwork and gathering the tests required, we had a Skype consultation with one of the Doctors from the clinic. It was a relief to discover that not only was his English excellent, he also listened, was empathetic and honest whilst presenting a range of options and answering all of our many questions patiently. It was a breath of fresh air.

From there things changed gear quickly. After agreeing that using our own egg and sperm would only give us a 5% chance, we discussed the option of using donor embryos. It was a huge decision. However, after comprehensive information and reassurance from the doctor about donor screening and anonymity we were ready. Donor embryos would increase our chances of a pregnancy to 65% and we worked with the clinic to choose donors who looked like us and matched our preferences. It was more than we had dared to hope for.

After our third cycle of donor IVF (donor embryo), we welcomed our beautiful baby boy in August 2018. It was incredible to think that our three cycles, including flights, accommodation and medication cost the same as one cycle of IVF in the UK.  

It was a stressful and emotionally charged time, so organising everything for our treatment abroad added unnecessary pressure.  We often talked about how amazing it would have been to have someone who genuinely understood, with first-hand, personal experience to organise it all and support us throughout the process and to help us find the right clinic for us.”


"Adam and Emma are everything you need to go through IVF. 

When my husband and I realised that we would continue our IVF journey abroad, we knew we would recruit outside help, but thought we would do one cycle with them until we knew what we were doing. However, their help and support was so invaluable we could never imagine going alone without them, nor want too. We made the decision to proceed with donor IVF, in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and when the situation and rules were changing daily. The only reason we decided to go for it was because we knew we had Emma's support. We knew we would be alright not matter what, because we had Emma. If you want someone to fight for you she will. If you need someone to get things sorted for you, she will. If you need support she is there. When you don't know who and where to turn to she will get you to where you need to be. They have been there themselves and they just get it. Working with them has been the best decision we have made on our trying to conceive journey and we are now pregnant! Your IVF abroad is worth its wait in gold. I CANNOT recommend them highly enough”

Claire and Tom, UK

This course is for you if...

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You want to discover what options there are abroad

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You are confused and want to reduce the stress and overwhelm

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You want support from a couple who have been through it before 

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You have experienced discrimination and have been denied fertility treatment

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You are sick of waiting around and want to look at other ways to take action

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You are shocked by the costs in your own country

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You want to be treated with personalised high standards of care

"After doing some basic research on IVF treatment abroad we found it very difficult to know where to start. It was like navigating an overwhelming minefield of information that didn't make any sense. I discovered Emma on Instagram @yourivfabroad and instantly felt the desire to get in touch. Right away I felt very comfortable chatting to Emma and sharing stories which put me at ease at a time where everything felt like a constant worry. The information we received was not only trustworthy, reliable and fully informative, but personal in a way we have never experienced before. There is no doubt that Emma and Adam's experiences are hugely impactful and influence how they approach their business and we are very thankful they were there for us, we would have been completely lost without them. A professional and stress free approach to finding the best IVF clinic to support your personal needs, done with such care and efficiency that cannot be faulted. I feel like I have known Emma for years and cannot imagine how we would have made it to this point without her help”

Gillian and Dominic, UK



"We are so grateful to Your IVF abroad for helping us to achieve our dream. Their first hand experience, friendly advice and guidance was an absolute godsend and we wouldn’t have been able to navigate our way through the intricacies of fertility treatment abroad without them. We were shown some of the most reputable clinics in Europe, which helped us in choosing the right clinic for us. We were supported emotionally and practically throughout our journey from organising medication to travel arrangements and sightseeing. If it wasn’t for Your IVF abroad we’d not have our 'Squashy Joshi' here today. I'm so thankful to Emma and Adam for taking the stress out of the process, saving us time and money and helping us to start our family! We can't thank you enough."


Soneeta and Gavin, UK

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We are on a mission to make fertility testing and treatment more affordable, accessible and supported.

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We realise that some people may not be able to afford one-to-one support, they may even prefer to action things themselves. 

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Some people also like a community element for that style of support.

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We want to help as many people as we can and be as accessible and inclusive as we can be.

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We have been where you are and want to share our knowledge and tips, giving you the tools that you will need. 

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We will also be there to offer you support; you are not alone in this journey. 


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