Your IVF abroad Toolkit

Frequently asked questions

When does the course start?

The course will start Tuesday 7th September at 8pm GMT. The rest of the course dates will be determined then, but will run every week for 6 weeks from 7th September.

Can my partner attend the training sessions and join the membership group?

Yes of course, and there is no extra charge as we are offering this as one of our bonuses.

If I am unable to make the live training will there be a replay?

Yes, the recordings will in your membership area which you will have access to for 6 months. If you can attend live there will be Q&A sessions with Emma after each module. However, there will also be two stand-alone Q&A sessions after all the training modules have been completed.

How long do we have access to the Facebook group for the course?

You will have access to the group for 3 months in total. The group is closed and therefore will not show up in your profile, groups or timeline and you will have the option to post anonymously if you prefer.

How long do we have Emma's support in the Facebook group?

Emma will be offering her support in the Facebook group for 3 months. You can ask questions in the group at any time too.

Is there a payment plan to spread the cost?

Yes, there is a 2-month payment plan available, or you receive a discount for paying in full.

Is this for people living in the UK only?

The course is suitable for people worldwide as long as you are planning to have your treatment in Europe

I am in a same-sex female relationship or single are you able to help me?

Yes, absolutely we can help you.

I have a higher/lower BMI is the course still relevant?

Yes, BMI is not a barrier to treatment

I am older, is this course still relevant?

Yes, up to the age of 49

Does this course cover surrogacy?

No, this is not something Emma has any experience of

I want Emma to give her opinion on the clinics I'm considering, is this possible?

I'm sorry no it's not as we haven't been through our one-to-one clinic match service with you and the clinic/s and therefore it's impossible to accurately comment. However, this course will give you the tools to be able to find your best fit clinic and have treatment abroad.

Will Emma help me understand the impact of Covid-19 on treatment and travel?

Yes, Emma will be able to discuss this with you and guide you

I am considering donor treatment, does the course cover my options and considerations?

There is an option at checkout to add a group session to cover this. Make sure you tick this option before checkout (additional charge applies)

Will this course guarantee I get pregnant?

No, sadly nobody can guarantee pregnancy, however our current success rate is 90% with our 1:1 clients for pregnancy and we believe that finding the right clinic for your needs and wants plus cheaper treatment equals more success for more people.

I think I have found a clinic already, could this course still be useful?

Yes. You want to make sure it’s safe and world-class and know how to plan and have treatment abroad with ease and without stress!

Does this course give me access to Emma one-to-one?

This depends. If you book within 24 hours of cart opening, you will receive the bonus of a one-to-one session wth Emma. If you book after the 24 hour bonus has expired there will be no one-to-one support from Emma as part of the course.

Is this course useful for fertility treatment outside of Europe

No as Emma's expertise is with treatment in Europe.

Do I have to use the Facebook group?

The Facebook group is optional. All course content will be uploaded to the course membership area and any announcements will be emailed. The live course sessions will be delivered by Zoom and replays uploaded to the course membership area so you won't miss out on anything if you don't want to use the Facebook group.

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