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Your IVF abroad Podcast

with Emma Haslam

What you really need to know before starting and having IVF abroad

Release date: 13 November 2023

Season 2 Episode 1

Show notes:

In the first episode of series two Emma talks you through what you really need to know about researching, planning and having fertility treatment abroad in Europe, like IVF, IUI, Donor Conception and Egg Freezing.

For more help on this I have a self paced instantly accessible video workshop series where I will take you through everything you need to know to research, plan and have safe fertility treatment, like IVF, IUI, Donor Conception and IUI abroad in Europe.

Find out more about the Tooklit here:

To get a free no obligation quote for your fertility medication please visit the link below.

To check out the Your IVF abroad planner and journal, suitable for all fertility treatment, except surrogacy please visit the link below:

If you would like a copy of my free short guide that walks you through the process of having fertility treatment abroad step by step, click the link below:

To find out more about Emma's services and how she can help visit our Services page or drop her an email with the word podcast and she will be in touch.

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