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Your IVF abroad Podcast

with Emma Haslam

Why choosing a local fertility clinic might not be the easiest thing to do

Release date: 18 March 2024

Season 2 Episode 10

Show notes:

In the final episode of season 2 Emma discusses why choosing your local fertility clinic might not actually end up being the easiest thing to do.

Next steps/further support
If you would like some help with all things fertility treatment in Europe then please check out the links below and consider booking a complimentary 15 minute call with Emma to find out more about her services and how to can help.

FREE SHORT GUIDE - walks you through the process of having fertility treatment abroad step by step. Get yours via the link below:

SERVICES - to find out more about Emma's services and how she can help visit

FREE 15 minute video call - ready to take the next step and want to discuss the services Emma offers and to see if you are a good fit then book this call with Emma by emailing with the words 'Podcast 15 mins' and we will be in touch.

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Your IVF abroad planner/journal - Suitable for all fertility treatment abroad (apart from surrogacy and adoption. Keep everything organised and in one place and document your journey and feelings along the way. Find out more here:

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