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Your IVF abroad Podcast

with Emma Haslam

5 areas you need to understand before planning and having fertility treatment abroad

Release date: 19 February 2024

Season 2 Episode 8

Show notes:

In today's episode Emma talks to you about the 5 areas she feels are crucial for you to have a really good understanding of before planning and having your fertility treatment abroad, so that you can stretch your budget further, do things safely and get the right support.

Special offer until the 29th February 2024 on Emma's signature DIY Toolkit course that takes you through everything you need to know in full detail, step by step to DIY fertility treatment abroad. 

If you purchase the course in this time frame and then email Emma will also give you the following extras worth £164:

1) List of 70 suggested questions to ask at a clinic to make sure they are safe and the right fit
2) A pick my brain 30 minute video call to ask any remaining questions or to discuss your donor conception requirements
3) And if you are in the UK a copy of my planner/journal specifically to help you with having treatment abroad and a place to keep everything together and to document your journey.

Payment plans are also available interest free at checkout if you have a Klarna or Clearpay account.

Want to ask questions about the course suitability then just email Emma on and she will help you to decide whether this is right for you. 

Emma's free online fertility pharmacy service - To get a no obligation quote for your fertility medication at competitive rates wherever you are in the world, even if you do not decide to go abroad for your treatment please click the link below. It's quick and easy to do, all you need is you prescription/s from your clinic.


FREE - If you would like a copy of my free short guide that walks you through the process of having fertility treatment abroad step by step then just copy and paste the link below and grab yours today.

Services - To find out more about Emma's services and how she can help visit our Services page or drop her an email on with the word 'podcast' and she will be in touch.  

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