Fertility clinics

You can use a clinic of your choice, or one from one from our Clinic Match service. We support people in the UK, Ireland, USA, Australia and Canada.

The IVF clinic we used in Prague has some of the lowest fees for IVF abroad in Europe for own egg/sperm, donor egg, donor sperm, IUI and donor embryo treatment. The clinic we chose is one of the best, affordable IVF clinics in Europe, its success rates are superb and the quality of care first-class. We know, because we used it to great success ourselves!


There are however lots of other world-class clinics in Europe that offer competitive prices, superb success rates and high quality care and we have spent over three years researching them, so you don't have too.


We truly believe there is not a one size fits all when it comes to finding a clinic and destination for treatment, therefore, we are not tied to any one clinic. We are 100% independent and take no commission from fertility clinics, therefore you can be sure we have your best interests at heart when finding the right clinic for you, based only on your needs and preferences. IVF treatment abroad can be an anxious experience. However, we can testify that all the IVF clinics we work with are outstanding.

With our time and support, communication, sourcing bookings and emails are hassle-free for you – because we will take care of it all. Believe us – we know how much stress, time and energy this will save you!

Understanding the difficulties of time differences, opening hours, email only contact from busy staff at the clinics we know how essential our services are. Support is something that we didn’t have, so it is our pleasure to be able to provide it for you.