The process

Book a free, no obligation telephone or Skype consultation with us to find out more about our service and having fertility treatment abroad - a great opportunity to have your questions answered!

If you decide that Your IVF abroad is the right service for you, then our relationship begins and we will suggest three clinics based on your own individual circumstances and requirements.

From here we will book your Skype consultations and help you to complete clinical paperwork and organise any ultrasounds and blood work that may be needed prior to your consultations.

Whichever clinic you then choose, we will then work with the clinic to organise everything for you. We will book your treatment date, travel, accommodation and all of your transfers, as well as sourcing any additional tests, prescriptions in the UK and more. All organised according to your specific requirements, supporting you every step of the way.

Treatment requires a stay in the host country of approximately 2 -10 days and this gives you the opportunity to use your time abroad to take in the sights and relax.

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