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IVF Abroad - Unpacked


I have had more questions than ever this year about other alternatives to the NHS and costly private treatment in the UK.

Fertility treatment costs are at an all time high in the UK, as are waiting lists and more people than ever before are being turned down for NHS funded testing and treatment due to things like BMI, partner having a child already, or being classed as too old! 

The number of people requiring donor conception support is also increasing and the waiting lists are super long in some cases and options limited.


We know that IVF is a numbers game and so it’s more important than ever before to consider going abroad for your fertility treatment to stretch your budget further and to prevent delays to treatment.

Join me for the FREE 3 day challenge!

Over the three days of the challenge I am going to help you with finding your ideal clinic and destination, the real costs of having IVF abroad and tell you the exact steps you need to take to do so.

We know that confidentiality is important, so the Facebook group for the challenge will be closed and therefore will not show up in your profile, groups or timeline - and you will have the option to post anonymously if you prefer.

The challenge is for you if:

  • you are curious about having IVF abroad

  • you are starting to look into it, or

  • you are feeling completely overwhelmed with the process

During the challenge we will go through:

  • Why it’s important to find your ideal clinic and what that looks like

  • Why destination is important and what that looks like

  • Costs of having IVF abroad

  • Roadmap of what you need to do to have IVF abroad. I will be telling you the exact steps you need to implement to have fertility treatment abroad.

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